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Looking for a specialist-surgery in extracting a lung

miri porat

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I am interested in asking about surgeons from Slone Kettering Hospital in New York,USA.Do you know a specialist you could recommend to me for surgery in extracting a lung combined with heart surgery since the main valve of the left lung is blocked.

I would appreciate your assistance.

Sincerely,Miri Porat

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I am being treated at Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center. I believe you are looking for Thoracic Service/ Dept. of Surgery.I had Dr. Nabil P. Rizk ( pronounced Risk) imagine I got the "risk dr"!He is great, puts it right on the line and they are all so professional. The cab ride in Manhattan was the most fun I had that day I admitt. You can go online and read up on all the Drs @ MSKCC. Dr . Rizks office is 1275 York Ave. NY, NY #212-639-8357.

I hope this helps. Please feel free anytime to PM or just ask away here on the board. Keep in touch, let us know you are OK. Mary

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Thank you so much for your e-mail .It makes me feel so good that someone around the world so far from me thinks about me and wants to help .The doctors are not sure that I can go through a surgery because it's a very complicated one; extracting a lung combined with heart surgery since the main valve of the left lung is blocked . It's nsclc stage 3b. The doctors think about "tarceva".I also went through radiation 35 days and chemo and I really can understand your feelings.Here in Israel the medicine is very developed and we get the same treatment which is used in USA but the problem is that they have very little experience in that kind of surgery (our population is only 7 millions)When I'll decide about the surgery I'll be in touch with doctor Rizk. Now I feel pretty well very motivated thanks to my dearest husband and my closest family .


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