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Gamma Knife Side effects?

Greeneyes, (Toddy)

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I was wondering if any of you have had side effects from a gamma knife type of procedure? I would guess it might be different based on which lobe and how many tumors. Mine is one located deep in the right frontal.

I'm told that there are far less if any, than I would expect from radiation treatments? I guess which ever doctor I choose for this will tell me about it, but in the interim thought I would ask the ones that received the treatment, thinking they might know more about that part of it from experiencing it.

Thank you

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I felt fuzzy for about a week after my Gamma Knife procedure, but I had significant brain swelling. Also ended up having nine lesions treated. Then two weeks later a large patch of hair started falling out from my head. I now have a 3 x 4" bald spot in on the side of my head, but fortunately my hair had grown back enough from chemo where I can do a combover. It's just annoying to be finding my hair all over the place again.

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