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Mum not doing so well

Jana W

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My Mum just started chemotherapy last week for her Stage IV NSCLC. She coped really well the first few days, but I spoke to her today and both her and my Dad sounded quite flat. We also got some news last week that Mum's cancer has increased in spread to her mediastinal lymph nodes. The only treatment they are offerring her is chemo. She is being SOOOO brave and strong, yet it hurts me SOOOO much to see her and my Dad in so much pain (although they try not to let us see too much). I am soooooooo scared what the future holds. I know the survival stats for Mum's stage are totally bad, yet most of the time I try to believe she can beat it. The other thing is, my parents live about 450 km away from me but have been considering moving to the city I live in. I am not sure whether I should encourage them or not. I know that I would LOVE to have them here, but maybe they would be more happy in the home they have had for 20 years.

Anyway, I am just feeling a bit sad and sorry for my Mum and I hope it was OK to share it.

Hoping for the best for all of you


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