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IV Vitamin C


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Hi Sharon

My wife Susan was diagnosed with NSLSC stage 3A last Ausgut, she was treated with chemo and radiation at the same time, after 8 weeks of treatment, the PET scan showed that cancer spreads to the bone , stage IV now, and she also has pfleural effusion and under antibiotics, we will start the new round chemo next week with cisplatin, alimta, avastin and zometa. Her condition seems closed to yours, we were afraid of chemo will destroy the immune system and open up for lung infection, so we decided to go with IV vit c treament. Last week we started the IV vit C with only 25g pending on G6PD testing before going for higher dose, we would like you to give us some advice about your treaments and how to cope with chemo which we deeply concern.

Thanks so much for sharing your experience and I beleive you will be fully recovered.

Huy Ha

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This is a follow up of my wife's treatments.

She started IV Vit C around Jan,2009 with 100g, three times a week along with conventional chemo. The PET scan taken on March, 2009 shown that metastasis all gone, the big tumor shrank about 80%, we definitely moving in right direction.

Will take the last round of conventional chemo next week and will continue the IV 2 times a week, will take PET scan in June.


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