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Still not getting better


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He still has pnemonia. drained another liter and a half from right lung area. Only been just over a week since last drained.Doc says if he isn't better soon ,since his wbcs are elevated still,there may be no treatments available and he may just be care and comfort.. not exactly the news we were looking for.. Since then he found the fluid and hoped that was the cause of the increased wbc .. Still waiting for them to return to an acceptable level. Holind on to the little hope we have that he will get well enough for chemo.. He is on o2 24/7 and pain meds amking j=him loopy he just had radiation to his right hip/buttock 5 days and to his brain one shot today that it. Hoping the swelling in his legs, which is awful and making it more difficult to walk,goes away soo he can be mobile and kick this pnemonia to the curb. Watching waitin .. dying inside..he's been in the hosp for almost 3 weeks.On antibiotics since before christmas. Just want to get him up and going so he can get better. the docs asked about worst case if he would want to be put on a vent we said no so the labeled him a DNR..WE are taking about discarge maybe next week but not sure how.. Services equipment..o2 He was well before pneumonia now he is weak and very unwell. one month Home alone with the kids and traveling back and forth is exausting but i don't want to be anywher else. Anyway taking it a day at a time just getting really frustrated..

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Gee Tammy, I'm so sorry that he is still having such a tough time of it. I keep praying that he will get better so he can start treatments.

My husband was also hospitalized for pneumonia last month but he was able to come home. He was also fine until the pneumonia hit. He is now home on oxygen 24/7 and had the leg swelling which just now after almost 2 months is starting to go away. It is rough and I continue to pray for Greg's improvement.


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