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Drug Week, Dec 19, 2003 p169

COX-2 and tumor angiogenesis correlate in non-small cell lung


Full Text: COPYRIGHT 2003 NewsRX

2003 DEC 19 - (NewsRx.com & NewsRx.net) -- COX-2 and tumor

angiogenesis correlate in non-small cell lung cancers.

"The role of cyclooxygenase (COX)-2 expression and angiogenesis of

lung cancer is yet to be delineated. Eighty four non-small cell lung

cancer (NSCLC) specimens were evaluated for COX-2 expression,

microvessel density (MVD), and vascular endothelial growth factor

(VEGF) expression by immunohistochemical methods. The relationships

between COX-2 expression and MVD, VEGF expression, and survival time

were analyzed," scientists writing in the journal Lung Cancer


"COX-2 expression was observed in the cytoplasm and membrane of the

carcinoma cells and premalignant cells. COX-2 was positive in 67

cases (79.8%). There was a statistically significant correlation

between COX-2 expression and tumor size, TNM stage, tumor type, VEGF

expression, and vascular pattern with survival in univariate

analysis. No significant correlation was seen between COX-2, VEGF

expression and MVD," noted H.S. Kim and colleagues, Chonnam National

University, School of Medicine.

"A lack of expression of either COX-2 or VEGF expression or both,

however, was associated with lower MVD than the group with both

expressed. The difference was statistically significant (p=0.005).

Statistically significant differences were also observed according

to TNM stage, vascular pattern, COX-2 expression, and VEGF


"With multivariate analysis, only TNM stage and COX-2 expression

retained their significance as independent predictors of survival.

COX-2 expression takes part in tumor angiogenesis and is a

significant poor prognostic factor in the surgically resected NSCLC.

COX-2 inhibitor, either in combination therapy with other agents, or

for chemoprevention, may be effective via suppression of

angiogenesis in this fatal disease," researchers concluded.

Kim and colleagues published their study in Lung Cancer (Correlation

between cyclooxygenase-2 and tumor angiogenesis in non-small cell

lung cancer. Lung Cancer, 2003;42(2):163-170).

Additional information can be obtained by contacting C.S. Park,

Chonnam National University, School of Medicine, Department

Pathology, 5 Hak Dong, Gwangju 501190, South Korea.

The publisher of the journal Lung Cancer can be contacted at:

Elsevier Science Ireland Ltd., Customer Relations Manager, Bay 15,

Shannon Industrial Estate CO, Clare, Ireland.

The information in this article comes under the major subject areas

of Angiogenesis, Enzymology, Oncology, and Lung Cancer.

This article was prepared by Drug Week editors from staff and other


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