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Saturday's Air


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Good Morning

So my grandson decided to stay inside the belly and cook a bit longer. The countdown is on though. we have 9 days til D-Day unless he decides to hang out even longer. I am getting anxious to meet him.

It is 50 and sunny out now but it's supposed to get up to 73. It seems like a perfect day to go for a walk at the forest preserve.

Have a great day.


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How exciting denise!! I will hope and pray for no complications and a swift delivery!!

It was 70 and really windy today, but sunny and beautiful. We had church, lunch out and then soccer game!

I've also really enjoyed reconnecting with some old friends on facebook.

Keeping busy keeps the sadness away this time of year for me when just about every occasion and change reminds me of my mom and those old friends and a couple of dear friends have been just wonderful.

Been doing alot of redecorating and renovating and I'm so happy to say that I am finally done with spring cleaning and organizing and looking forward to some peace around here.

This upcoming week will be a busy one- the website upgrades and I'm flying out on Friday for work stuff and then the minute I get back I have the in-person support group to facilitate---SO...I'm enjoying this quiet Sunday night.

I hope all of you are too.

Hugs everyone.

Have a happy week.

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