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Bonnie J Addario walk in SF

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What an amazing weekend for my mom and I!

Mom & I attended the Bonnie J. Addario Lung Cancer Walk in San Francisco this past weekend. We had had such a long & busy weekend (a birth in the family which we both witnessed, plus parties, plays, BBQs, etc.) We decided that if we didn't make the walk itself, we wanted to go to the festivities afterward in Golden Gate park. We wanted to meet others who are dealing with lung cancer, who are struggling through this disease and maybe find some support in new friendships, learn some new information about treatments, etc.

Well, let me just say.....Mom and I were SO thankful we went. We met Bonnie herself, we met other lung cancer survivors, we learned about other treatments that Mom should ask her doctor about, we learned about how lung cancer is NOT recognized at the level it should be, and we learned that unfortunately, there isn't enough fund raising done for lung cancer. This is why lung cancer awareness needs help getting information out there. Plus, there is such a stigma attached to lung cancer that people have brought it on themselves IF they smoked. We need to break that stigma and help get the information out there.

I have never felt surrounded by so many people who understand what Mom is going through than I did yesterday. We met guest SF Opera singer, Zheng Cao who was diagnosed 3 months ago with stage 4 lung cancer that had already spread to her bone, brain and lymph nodes when she was diagnosed. She spoke yesterday & was so emotional while she sang, "You'll Never Walk Alone" -- dedicating it to all the survivors who sat up on stage with her (including Mom). After her performance, Mom and I walked up with tear-soked faces and embraced her. We all hugged and told HER to fight & stay strong. We shared Mom's story, told her how Mom has never given up...and that she too can fight this! Whhhhewwww, I cry again just typing this out...

I spoke with Bonnie's daughter Danielle for a long time. She was so informative. She lives locally and she gave me her card. We promised to get in touch and work together for next year's event. I promised that I would dedicate myself next year to working with them and doubling the amount of participants! I am on a mission now!

Lastly, I have attached a news clip here that was airing on ABC leading up to the event. Mom and I met almost all of the people interviewed & featured in this story. Including the head of UCSF Cancer Research. All of these wonderful people walked or ran in this event!

http://abclocal.go.com/kgo/story?sectio ... id=6924573

I have so much hope. =)

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