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Biggest looser


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Any fans of The Biggest Loser here?

If you watched it Tuesday evening and saw the lady Abby on the green team. If so you heard her tragic story. Abby is from Houma Louisiana where my children and grandchildren live. She taught my oldest granddaughter and I think she still teaches at the high school there.

So many of us here I have know heartbreak and trgady but I still can't begin to imagine what she went through and is still going through. I know there are many others on that show that really need to be there because they have so much weight that is threatening their lives. I personaly will be cheering for her. Not just because of the connection to my family but because of the courage it has to take to get her there.

To those of you who don't know. Two and a half years ago her husband, 5 and 1/2 year old daughter and 9 week old baby boy were killed by a drunk driver shortly after leaving her home. So please even if you don't watch the show or are rooting for someone else say a prayer for her in your heart.

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I had the chance to watch it, since my Hockey days are switched now. I forgot how much I liked it...I keep thinking I should give it a try.

That poor woman's story is about the saddest i have ever heard. It was just horrific that something like that could happen...I give her all the credit in the world for being so strong. Many people wouldn't be able to even come close to dealing with that. Heck when I heard it I even said, there's no way I bother sticking around here on earth if that happened to my family...I'll be rooting for her as well.

She epitmizes strength and courage!

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