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Hi everyone-it's been a while. I have been reading, but just dont know what to say.

Mom has been in and out of the hospital and rehab centers since Oct. 8.

Latest scare was november 2 when she was rushed back to the hospital unable to breathe. Turns out that the first rehab facility let her lungs fill up with fluid(pneumonia). She had been telling them that she felt it, but they kept saying there was none there, then it took my mother's roommate at the rehab place to get a nurse for someone to realize she was in trouble(they didn't answer her call button). That only happened after the roommate was tired of my mother being verbally abused by a CNA. I was so angry .......but that's another story......

She spent 5 days in the hospital before they transferred her to another rehab place. While in the second hospital, I found out that the cancer has doubled in size in her liver, and that it is now in the lining of her stomach.

She has lost about 15 pounds, and is very weak. She has good days, and bad days, but everyday seems to start out with her having an anxiety attack, and stopping breathing. It is such a rollercoaster. One day she is talking about when she has to start taking money out of her retirement account-next year- and the next day she is telling me what she wants to leave certain people. She also is sleeping a lot now-when I am with her she sleeps about 15minutes for every hour I am there. Thankfully tho', she has no pain.

Tomorrow, we have her "medical care meeting" at the second rehab place. Turns out that medicare has a generic belief of "therapeutic gains" that a person must make in order for them to pay for the care. If the rehab place's therapists do not see an improvement in my mom, the place can ask my mom to leave, or we can pay for 100% of it out of pocket, so my brother and I are scrambling. Do we do at home, or do we pay for the facility? She definitely needs round the clock care. I was intending to do a lot of the care myself, if she came home, but now that may not be possible. I personally have been hit with the news that I may have ovarian cancer, and I don't know what to expect. There is a good chance that this is only a scare..but only time will tell-and lots of tests.

So right now as I type this-I feel sort of numb. Can't think of the possibility of going through this without my mom to lean on.....

Anyway...I am looking for opinions about facility vs. at home care.....Which is the best route to take........??

Everyone is in my prayers:)

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