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Well I have computer issues but I missed the posting ab out the Dallas meeting and I think I should attend that one as well. I don't want to miss a chance to have margarittas and sing kareoke with Katie and Rick! Maybe we can change it to March so that they won't be so close together???.

Also I was wondering about the possibility of starting a LCSC New Englnd ? That would service Southern ME NH And No. MA

Or all of? I know they are smaller states is it possible to file thepapers but combine the efforrt>?


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Hey Laurie,

The meeting in Dallas is a seminar given by the "CURE" magazine- and everyone was talking about registering to come that weekend in May and meeting up.

As far as the paperwork and combining the effort. We can legally do everything under the paperwork I have now, but there are some issues that I need to work out. I thought that by getting each state to individually file a 501©(3) that it would eliminate issues regarding fund distribution, etc....but maybe I am thinking about this in a long-round-about- way and there is an easier route to achieve our goals. So, I am meeting with a woman in a few weeks who has career experience running and fundraising for non-profits and for national cancer organizations. I am hoping by then she will have some solid answers and some direction in which I will be able to organize and combine our efforts statewide, while making a difference in our local communities with the individual LCSC's as well..

Stay Tuned!

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