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Scotch Army


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So 2 ole mates was sittin in a pub back about 1991 and one says, "I think we need to tell Saddam Hussein he needs to get his act together." So they call up ole Saddam and say, you know whut Saddam we don't like whatcher doin and if you don't straighten up we is gonna come and invade you. Saddam says well how big is yer army? The scot says well me and my mate jest come up with this idear but I'm sure everone in the pub would come along with us. Saddam says, I got a million man standing army that is equipped with all the latest military hardware, like tanks and guns and mortars and such. The Scot says well I better call ya back.

Next day Eric calls ole Saddam back and says okay well I rounded up everbody in the village and we got pickups and tractors and some boats and a plane so we is gonna come. Saddam tells em, well I have a fully functional navy and air force equipped with battleships and bombers and fighter jets and another 1 and a half million men. Eric says well I'm gonna have to call ya back.

He calls ole Saddam back a couple days later and says, well Saddam we're gonna have to call this all off,,,,,

We don't know whut we wud do with 2 and a half million prisoners..................

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