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Lung Cancer awareness


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I wrote this as a post on Grace and thought that I would also post it here.

I have written to both Ellen Degenerous and Oprah Winfrey asking for some mention of Lung Cancer awareness in November.

Perhaps we should all bombard all the talk show hosts it might help to get the word out.

It seems so uncivilized and childish to be envious of all the breast cancer awareness, but I am. I am also so grateful that there has been so many advances in the treatment for breast cancer. I have 2 aunts that are survivors and my dear SIL died from breast cancer.

BUT my husband is dying from lung cancer and I want to shout at the world to help stop this terrible disease.


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Yes. I totally agree. Had a conversation today with someone that asked if I smoked. I've become an expert at statistics since coming to Lungevity! I'm proud to quote them and educate people.

Someone talked about getting pink T shirts to promote breast cancer awareness, with those "cute" pink ribbons. I remarked dryly, "isn't it ironic that the color ribbon for lung cancer is GREY."


MI Judy

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