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Vit C injections


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I am searching for someone in Florida or Mass.(or anywhere), that gives low cost IV C treatments.The costs so far uncovered are really out of reach of the ordinary

person. An example is in Delray Beach, Fl.

An upfront cost of $2000. for a "management fee". $250 to $275. per treatment, plus $295. consultation fee, (1 hour).

Then the costs of scans etc etc.

There has to be someone, somewhere that is more reasonable in the costs?

I am looking at this for my 50 year old son in Massachusetts who has stage 4 LC. His top of the line chemo stopped working and his Dr. told him he can just go home , or try a lower dose of chemo which he is in the pocess of doing.

I have been impressed with some of the results I have read about

with the Vitamin C injections, and it may be his only shot left.

Thanks for listening and I hope someone knows some info on lower costs.

Regards, Pete

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