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Good morning peeps! (LOL)

I always crack up when I see people use that word. Don't know why, just do.

So, we went out to dinner, (think I wrote about this last night, but too lazy to go back and see), and sat outside in 87 degrees. In a matter of 45 minutes the sunshine went away, black clouds appeared and the temperature dropped what felt like 20 degrees. Everyone out on the deck made a beeline for the inside!

Today it is pouring rain, and 59 degrees. It's getting better! Tomorrow is pouring rain forecasted, and a high of 49. I feel like we are in bizarro world, where everything is the opposite of what it should be? Do any of you remember those cartoons?

My big dog, Gibson has ruined my cute little labradoodle. She is outside stalking 3 trees that have chattering, terrified squirrels in them. Gibson tries to get them, and they beat him, and she's stalking them. Like she'd know what to do with them once they came down? Ack. My cute poodly girl is turning into a fierce hunter. It's so bad that Gibson finally got bored and came in. She's been out there for two hours!

There's nothing much going on around here. Everyone was hoping to get their boats in the water this weekend, in anticipation of the upcoming Memorial Day holiday. But that's not happening. We live where there are tons of lakes, and everyone we know has boats. If they do get them in, I think we'll be wearing sweatshirts, jeans, wooly socks and ear muffs to go out in them.

Well, that's all I got! LOL. Hope to see more of you straggle your way in here today.

Judy KW, we miss you sweetie!

Judy MI

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