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4:00AM again. What is up with that? Uncle is in the right hospital and getting the care he needs now. Thank God.

We went to what is probably the last summer party outdoors last night. It was hot and humid, but we know it's one of the last warm ones of the year. Kind of nostalgic. We had a beautiful ride around the lake on the boat, and enjoyed a gorgeous sunset. The bugs were aggresive, and nasty but it was okay.

The rest of the weekend is supposed to get cool and very Fall-ish. Don't know what to do with the puppy. She does not like children. We brought her to the party and I had to take her home when she got aggressive with the kids. Can't have a dog that is like that.

Don't know what else to write about. I miss so many of the regulars here. Doesn't seem like the same place anymore.

For those of you not posting anymore, I miss you. For the rest, I look forward to hearing from you.

Happy Saturday to all!!!!!

Judy in MI

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Okay Judy,

You guilted me into posting here. I admit, I have been a lurker for way way too long.

I really do enjoy reading about everyone and following your stories.

Your little dog reminds me of mine....only mine is OLD. Try getting a gentle lead for her and see if that doesn't help. You may want to see about taking her to a training class too.

It rained alittle this morning here in MN. But it will not be a wash out. Should be a great weekend according to the weather guys.

I hope everyone has a great day.


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Good morning all! It's beautiful here this morning. It's suppose to be nice today and tomorrow but starting Monday we have rain in the forecast for all next week. But we need the rain - I'm just not sure we need that much! Hubby and I've been doing some yard work since the temps have gone down a little and we're trying to decide whether we're going camping in the motorhome this month or next. Of course I also have to have my CT scan toward the end of this month. Been trying not to think about that.

Judy KW (but currently in NJ) and Stephanie - I hope y'all are feeling better. Dealing with side effects from the chemo isn't any fun and I do pray that both of you start to feel better soon.

Judy MI - I'm so glad your uncle is in the right hospital now and getting the care he needs. I, too, miss and worry about some of the former regulars here.

Lilly - Glad you've been able to reconnect with people from your high school and your friends. I do know it brings back lots of memories - been there done that.

Eric - where are ya? I bet you're having fun driving that new car. How is Sally doing now that you're back home?

Waving to Katie, Alan, Randy and anyone else I missed.


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Hi you guys, Hey Judy, we're still here, sometimes just don't have much going on. That's OK isn't it? We're getting 2 days of heat. It's going up to 90 maybe. The cool nights have put the pool into put it away mode. Too cold for these old bones. Labor day weekend, think I'll grill some burgers later. Still have a few beefsteak tomatoes left and some candy sweet onions. To heck with turkey burgers and lean meat, I'm going with the grond chuck or something equally fatty. (it drips away, right?)

Nothing else going on, no guests, no family, just us. can't wait. Going to Phila. for scans on Wed. We're fitting in a Phillies game on Wed night along with 30 or so other survivors from the center. We'll all be wearing their T shirts and a display will be scrolling around the stadium. Maybe even the jumbotron. It should be fun. We did it 2 years ago. This time I have hair. Looks like the storm that's hitting New Orleans could arrive here just in time to ruin all that. Hope not.

I've been talking to my new found "buddy" every couple of days. You all need to help out and do the same if you get the chance. Ron really appreciates the calls. I didn't think I'd have much to offer until I spoke with him. His concerns are the same as all of ours were in the beginning. Some moral support and reassurance are seemingly small things but huge for him. Just something as simple as how Senicot can be helpful to a new chemo patient, know what I mean? Oh well, on that note , I'll sign out for now. Be safe and have some fun. Alan

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Wow it is so good to see you post Shirley. I was wondering about you not long ago. Remember when me you and Ann kept in touch often, sometimes daily for a while. Hope all is well with you and that you are happy.

Alan enjoy the game. At least I won't be cheering for the oposing team that day. The Giants won't be playing them until the play offs if then.

Judy MI and Paulette enjoy your cooler weather. We are still getting a few hot days then a cool down then back up again. Compared to what it is normally like This has been a mild and great Summer.

Watching all of the rain from Lee. My family are really getting it.They were supposed to go camping this weekend in Panama City Florida but that is out now.My granddaughter will turn 21 Monday. She has been looking forward to being legal then she got pregnant so won't be able to party. Now Lee is taking care of her other plans! When she turned 18 they were in a campground in Mississippi evacuated while Gustav battered Houma. She says nature hates her.

Alan the tomatoes are just coming in really good here. Our Summer growing season started a little late this year because of the late rain and cooler temperatures. The thing is once it starts the growing season here lasts all summer and into very late fall. It is amazing the difference that lack of humidity can make.

I guess I will go out and try to walk for a few minutes. It is so easy to be lazy and just skip it but I know that I shouldn't. Should be up to 100 or over today so I have to get an early start. If any of my neighbors want to go we will head out to the farm. I want some more peaches but won't make the trip for a half dozen peaches only.

Time to pay bills and get moving. Have a great weekend everyone. Stay dry and safe and well.

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