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Wednesday's Air


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Good morning!

Bright and sunny here but hopefully not too hot today. Temperatures are supposed to get down into the mid 80s by the weekend. The trees are getting that faded look that comes just before the color starts to show. By the end of the month we should see some color.

Annette nice to see you post. Hang in there. Many prayers are going up for you from all of us.

Judy KW I know exactly how you feel. It is so nice to go on vacation, but getting home makes you appreciate that you have a home to go to. I don't know how those people who are full timers can do that. I loved to camp but had to have a home base. Now I stay at my kids and enjoy my time with them but after a month I am so ready to get home. This year I will be staying for two months. My grandson graduates from college in December and my granddaugher is due her baby in late January. Don't want to miss either occasion but boy will I be homesick by them.

TV shows Judy MI? Let's see. I always watch Biggest Looser though doubt I will enjoy it as much without Jillian. I think I like the show because it reminds me there is always hope if you are willing to work for it. It is that word work that stops me cold, especially when it is paired with the word out :lol: Next is dancing with the stars. So glad I have a dvr now because they conflict on the second night of Dancing. I too look at the people and say to myself "do I really want to watch this?" then I get hooked. Just hoping that Derek Huff is back this time. He is such a great dancer.Then of coarse Surviver. It took me years to get hooked on that and only because there was nothing else on the first night I watched it. I guess coach will be back so I know who I will want voted off right away. He comes from not too far from here. I think he is as phony as they come :!:

Then there is NCIS but I have to wait for reruns DVR only works on one recording at a time and that too is on Tuesday night and come to think of it so in Bunco. Oh what to do what to do? lol

Running or should say walking fast to get dressed. Busy day today with our hotdog/sweet sale fund raiser then doctors appointment. Have a good day everyone.

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We had about a month with only a day of light rain - still no rain, but the temperature dropped about 15 degrees and the blue sky has disappeared. 68 today, maybe, and headed down the rest of the week.

QiGong class restarted today so now I have to get up and out on Wednesday mornings. Not much sleep last night - steroids before infusion. Cousins in town, so dinner out tonight - hope I can stay awake!

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I'm in late today! No reason other than I've been very lazy this week.

I'm trying to not turn the heat on. Just seems too early. But it got in the 40's last night, and it only got to 67 in the house today. I put on an extra shirt under the sweatshirt, and am so far toughing it out. LOL. With the cost of propane, just don't want to start that train just yet!

Even with the cool temps, my gosh we are having beautiful, sunny days. We have not headed north for a color tour in a couple of years. I think this year we must do this.

Loved reading everyone's fav TV shows. Reluctantly I got semi-hooked on America's Got Talent. But for Pete's sake, they show the same shows over and over! Anyway tonight is supposedly the FINAL SHOW. I hope so. I want to be so done with that show.

Tomorrow, lunch with a BFF, then Gilda's Club for six hours, so will be busy.

Anyway hi to all, lurkers and all.

Judy in MI

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