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Caring for Lung Cancer Patients / by Katie Brown

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Caring for Lung Cancer Patients

http://blog.lungevity.org/2012/02/07/ca ... -patients/

February 7th, 2012 - by Katie Brown

Brenda Nachtway once worked in a hospice program.

She has witnessed firsthand the importance of giving care to patients and families who have been directly affected by lung cancer.

Recently LUNGevity held a caregiver contest where people from across the nation nominated incredible lung cancer caregivers during lung cancer awareness month.

We received many nominations of lung cancer caregivers who willingly and selflessly devoted their time to care for their loved ones battling lung cancer, while often neglecting themselves in the process.

Brenda’s employer (Direct Care Alliance) posted about LUNGevity’s caregiver contest in their company newsletter on November 29th, 2011. When Brenda saw the posting about the contest, she knew just who she was going to nominate.

Like Brenda, there are special individuals who choose care giving as their profession. They willingly accept the responsibility of someone else’s care, and do it with compassion, patience and grace.

While we were only able to award one prize, we wanted to take the time to honor all the lung cancer caregivers who were brought to our attention and with Brenda’s permission we are re-posting her nomination of Leslie Bach.

“I’m nominating Leslie for more reasons than words could even speak. I was a co-worker of Leslie’s for many years in a hospice program in PA. I was her mentor. I watched her grow into her position, and when I left I knew she would lead and give a wonderful gift of care giving.

Leslie has cared for many lung cancer patients over the years, but more importantly has shown compassion, gentleness and love.

Today, Leslie is now showing the same care to a dear friend of mine who is now fighting the battle of lung cancer. As I speak to my friend and her family they speak very highly of Leslie and the compassion she is showing my friend and the loving support she is providing. This is why I feel Leslie is deserving of this nomination. To care for lung cancer patients day in and day out and then return each day with a refreshed and renewed desire to do it again the next day is amazing. Thank you Leslie!”

We think Leslie is an amazing caregiver too!

Thank you to all the special individuals who choose care giving as a career.

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