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LUNGevity Announces New "Slam Dunk" Fundraiser

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LUNGevity Announces New "Slam Dunk" Fundraiser

http://events.lungevity.org/site/PageNa ... 30112.html


Media Contact:

Victoria Shapiro


(202) 414-0774

Chicago, IL (March 1, 2012) — LUNGevity Foundation, a non-profit committed to funding lung cancer research and advocacy, is participating in the craziness of March by launching the Make it a Slam Dunk – Stop Lung Cancer Now internet campaign. Make it a Slam Dunk- Stop Lung Cancer Now is a month-long campaign dedicated to raising critical funds that will support the most promising lung cancer research. The campaign kick-off is March 1 and runs the entire month. LUNGevity hopes to engage basketball fans everywhere to come together and take part in the Make it a Slam Dunk – Stop Lung Cancer Now campaign.

To tip it off, the following teams are organized and ready for the March 1 kickoff:

Team Spartans

Team Badgers

Team Bulldogs

Team Hokies

Team Cardinals

Team Tigers

Don’t see your favorite team? Start your own. One click to www.lungevity.org/slamdunk to begin.

The Make it a Slam Dunk – Stop Lung Cancer Now campaign gives everyone a chance to engage their competitive spirit during tournament time. While contemplating bracket picks we hope to encourage individuals to be the big shot and join the team whose commitment is to the fight against lung cancer.

Donations can be made to the Make it a Slam Dunk – Stop Lung Cancer Now campaign by visiting www.lungevity.org/slamdunk and donating to your favorite team or alma mater or to make a general gift. All dollars raised will go to support LUNGevity’s commitment to lung cancer research in the areas of early detection and targeted therapies.

About LUNGevity Foundation

The mission of LUNGevity Foundation is to have a meaningful and immediate impact on improving lung cancer survival rates, ensure a higher quality of life for lung cancer patients, and provide a community for those impacted by lung cancer.

In order to accomplish our mission, LUNGevity funds the most promising research into the early detection and successful treatment of lung cancer. LUNGevity also supports the largest national grassroots lung cancer network, as well as the largest online support community for those affected by lung cancer.

LUNGevity has the largest grants award program for lung cancer research among lung cancer nonprofit organizations in the United States. In 2011 alone, it awarded $2 million to fund nine of the most promising lung cancer research proposals in the areas of early detection and targeted therapeutics. Through the support of critical research, as well as providing information, resources and a community to patients and caregivers, LUNGevity is creating and sharing hope for cures, treatments and enhanced quality of life for lung cancer patients.

The organization was recently awarded the coveted four-star charity ranking by Charity Navigator, American’s premier charity evaluator. The ranking recognizes LUNGevity’s sound fiscal management and commitment to accountability and transparency.

LUNGevity seeks to inspire the nation to commit to ending lung cancer.

For more information, please visit www.lungevity.org.

About Lung Cancer

Lung cancer is the leading cause of cancer death, regardless of gender or ethnicity.

Lung cancer impacts one in 14 Americans and kills more than breast, prostate, colorectal, leukemia, and melanoma cancers combined.

Lung cancer kills almost twice as many women as breast cancer, and more than twice as many men as prostate cancer.

About 55% of all new lung cancer diagnoses are among people who have never smoked or are former smokers.

Lung cancer accounts for 14% of all new cancer diagnoses but 27% of all cancer deaths.

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