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I posted way back in October or November about my mom. She was diagnosed with NSCLC Stage IV in September. After her rounds of chemo (Carbo/Taxol) her main tumor in her bad lung had shrunk from 6cm to 1cm!! The areas that had previously shown up in her liver and femur were basically non-existant although areas in her lymph nodes were still active. This was WONDERFUL NEWS that we got about 2 months ago or so. Her next move was to start Avastin every 3 weeks to keep the cancer at bay. The first few scans showed that the cancer was in fact stable and had not grown. We all went back to living as normal of a life as possible, all having that thought in the back of our minds, when will it rise its ugly little head again.

And then, this past Friday, it happened. At a regular check up with the oncologist, he told us that the Avastin was no longer working. Her main tumor went from 1cm back up to 3cm and now for the first time, spread to her good lung. We haven't had a full body scan yet to know where else it may be lurking. The doc will be trying a new treatment and also is trying to get her into a trial study.

Honestly I am scared as hell. In 6 weeks her tumor tripled in size and moved to the other lung. What will happen in the next 6 weeks. Everyday with her is a miracle. I pray that I have many more, but realistically I fear the worst is heading toward us soon.

Any stories or words of wisdom for people that have been where we are now??


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