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Eric - Congrats on your outdoor bowling win! I didn't realize how time was flying until you mentioned the Summit. I am really excited for everyone who is going, and just hope I can go next year. In the meantime I hope a few people post some pictures.

Our weather is getting rainy again, but at least not with the cooler temperatures so it shouldn't be too bad. But I really want to get some yard work done so hope it doesn't stay around too long.

I was supposed to be taking some "on line" continuing education classes today -- very boring stuff but has to be completed by May 1. I have my doctor's appt. to get my scan results this afternoon and find I am not focusing very well. I think this "chemo brain" stuff is progressive -- it is amazing the things I can't remember. My youngest son asked for a pumpkin pie for his birthday (his favorite) - that I have made for years and years. No problem, right. So I made it - looked fine - but he took one bite, ran to the sink and spit it out. He apologized (I could tell he felt really bad) but said it was the worst pie he'd ever had. So after wracking my brain trying to find out what I did wrong, I realized I had completely left out the sugar! :)

Since I can't focue on classes, I'm going to go vacuum up the dog hair. Doesn't that sound like a blast?!

Hope everyone is having a good afternoon. Both Judys - if you see this - I am keeping you in my prayers.


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Good afternoon! I ran around doing some shopping this afternoon and I can already tell that I am going to be a mess tomorrow because of it! Didn't I just say yesterday that I was going to take it easy until the Summit!?

Diane , our lives sound similar! I can't seem to cook any more. I get distracted, Or forget ingredients, I burn things. I also can't plan any more. I used to be an amazing multitasker and on top of doing several things at once, I could also plan whole holidays, parties etc in my head, including guests lists, menus, shopping lists etc. Now it was like the day before Easter and I had no idea what we would be eating, what the baskets would have in them and the house still had to been cleaned! I totally blame it on cancer meds it is better than blaming it on getting old! (I also spend way too much time vacuuming up dog hair!)

Eric I am glad you are having so much fun with the bowling!!

Mike, I am one of the few people I think, that thinks pigeons are beautiful. I feed them in the park and talk to them. We did have a problem last year though. We have a kind of reclusive neighbor who raised homing pigeons. He would let them out every morning and they would sit on the telephone wire and wait to go back in! Very cute! i enjoyed watching them. Only problem was that it turns out that not only was the neighbor's house and yard very messy, but he was over feeding the pigeons AND feeding the squirrels. So, with all the extra food about,before long the whole neighborhood became invested with rats. Sadly, the pigeons were taken away by the health department, the rats are still an issue!!

I totally understand what you say about your birds giving you Joy and peace. I believe that animals are the best medicine. It is always my advice in support group when someone is really depressed - get a pet!

Peace everyone

Prayers to our Judy's!

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