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Wednesday Air


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Ok, I'll bite. It is a gloomy and stormy Wednesday here in the Great Lakes. Supposed to get warm and muggy. So we go from covering our plants and bushes to protect them from freezing to turning the A/C on! That is Michigan!

I hate to sound like a broken record, but I just have not felt good. Went back yesterday to get fluids. This cold I caught is kind of weighing me down a bit. Trying to not be a baby, but gosh! Here is what I celebrate today.

It is May 2, and my last treatment is May 23, so 22 days left to chemotreatment and I am free.

Praise the Lord. All I can say is what a grueling battle this has been. I've done my best to look for goodness when I can, and celebrate that, but at the same time, Lungevity is supposed to be the forum where you can write and get support, so I did that too. And some of you have been lovely friends that have supported me even in the ugly times. Thank you. It's been a rough road.

I finally have a woman coming in to clean my home for me. We caught a couple of breaks financially, so we can afford someone every 3 weeks. I think between her and I we can keep this big home spiffy with this schedule. What a relief.

Every morning I think of Judy. I pray for her, and miss her and just...well...I don't know. It's beyond words how I feel.

Ok, let's find one thing to celebrate today. My thoughts are with all the lucky ones out in Washington DC. I hope you have so much fun, but also brainstorm, and make progress in our fight to raise awareness of this disease, raise funds for research, and do due dilligence on breaking the stigma of it.

Judy in MI

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Judy - I will keep you company today. Our weather is just like yours, but in reverse. It was sunny and warm, now cloudy and cool again.

I am so sorry you are feeling so under the weather. I know it's been a long road since you were in the hospital. One of my phone buddies is in about the same place in her treatment that you are and she is feeling very much the same. I try to remember just how lousy I felt, but thankfully time seems to dull the details. That you are almost done is great news . . . I know it takes awhile to get back to anything like normal, but once it is done it does start to get better a little more everyday. That's wonderful that you will be getting the house cleaned -- I think most of us women always feel a lot better when we know the house is clean.

I am celebrating today with an older woman I have been driving to treatment - she is on her 3rd line - but is finished today so she wants to go to lunch. I hope the sun comes out for her just a little.

Praying for Judy in KW and for success at the Summit.


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I would give anything to have cool weather! Here in Ark. it is approaching 90 degrees, with a forecasted low of high 60's. . Planning on starting to get my things together for leaving Friday for the Summit in Va. I can hardly wait to meet those of you who are going, and that I have been talking to for what seems like forever.

I hope you all have a blessed day.



PS. Judy in KW I hope you are comfortable. I have lit a candle every day for you and your family, Please know that my prayers are sent up on wisp of Gardinia scented smoke, for healing, and comfort for you. Love you Girl!

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