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Everything's Big in Texas


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Up until a week or so ago I ignored this site. Never realized how much I was missing. Tonight having nothing better to do or not wanting to do it, I sat here for 2 hours reading all or most of the posts. Well you got me started and I have a few. Seeing as there are a few Texans on the board I thought it would be appropriate to start with a good Texas Joke so here goes.

A man from out of state stopped into a local bar in West Texas. He sat on the bar stool and ordered a shot of whiskey. The bar tender came back with the biggest water glass the man had ever seen. He told the bar tender "I ordered a shot not that". The bartender place the drink in front of him and calmly stated "everything's big in Texas"

A while later after consuming the one shot and part of another the man looked out the window as saw what he assumed to be a kangaroo hop by. Excitedly he said to the bartender " I didn't know the had kangaroo in Texas". The bartender looked at him shook his head and said " I told you before, everything's big in Texas.

The man continued to drink one more shot and then another becoming more and more amazed at the size of things in Texas. After several hours he needed to use the bathroom and asked for directions. The bartender told him "go down the hall and take the first door on the right. Remember now the right hand door not the left." The man staggered down the hall and tried to remember what the bartender had told him. Thinking he had it right he opened the door on his left stepped in and immediately feel into the swimming pool. The last words heard from him as he sank out of site waving his hands were "don't flush it, Please don't flush it."

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