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Friday's Air


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Good Morning Everyone in Lungevity-ville,

It is a cool 73 degrees here in Ark where I live, promising to be hotter by noon, like up to 92 and maybe triple digits this weekend. Lordy, I hate summer! The only saving grace is that we have huge trees around our house to keep it shady most of the day.

Today is wash day, dishes and clothes.then it is sit around and maybe brush out the fur baby (if she will let me) and cut the matts out of her hair, (again if she will let me) and trim the hair on her feet(which she sincerely hates) and then maybe a flea bath, she doesn't like those either. she weighs seventy five lb.s so wrangling her is a 2 person job, thank goodness my youngest daughter is here to stay so she can help with the big ole furry baby.

After that is will probably be nap time for her and us, lol.

Have a blessed and wonderfu; day!


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