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My cancer journey so far!


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Diagnosed stage 4 lung cancer with a very small tumor on my lung, small mets in my brain, and a tumor in my spine in the L5 region on June 1 2012. I fell at work in January 2012 and was having pain in my L5 region. I thought it was the fall. I asked for an exray and was sent to a sports medicine doctor who recommended a left hip replacement. I could see the mass in the L5 region but silly me I didn't ask what it was or bring any attention to the spine area. After that I tried to utilize my brain to lower any pain or discomfort. After about a week in mid April I began to have sciatica pain in my right leg. This had no connection with the fall or the right hip. I eventually went to PCP when the pain was limiting my mobility and sleep. He told me I had a pinched nerve and sent me home telling me it would heal in 4-6 weeks. After three days of continue pain I went home from work in tears and called asking for an MRI. I had an MRI and my PCP called wanting me to come into his office. I couldn't walk, my pain would not allow me to do anything and riding in a car was out of the question. I asked to be admitted to the hospital to see what was wrong. At this point I was afraid I would do damage to my spine. (This was mid May) My PCP wanted me to go to a hospital that was not in my insurance plan. He stated he would get it approved through my insurance and call me back. (this Friday morning). He ordered me some pain pills. The pain pills got me through the weekend. By the evening of Monday my PCP had not called with a hospital admit. I researched on the internet when was the best time to go the E.R. (Tuesday or Wednesday 8-10 am) Tuesday morning we went to my preferred hospital at 9am. There was no one there and I was seen right away. I was admitted to the hospital where I stayed for 3 days. They ran tests, did a biopsy, and informed me I had

a compression fracture in the L5 region which they believe was caused by the mass on my spine. I was diagnosed, saw an oncologist and started radiation treatment for 10 days on 6/18/12. Now with radiation done I start Chemo on 7/9/2012. I will have an injection for three hours and will return again in 3 weeks. They will scan to determine if the cancer is shrinking or gone. All my tumors are small. I had no symptoms in- dicating I was ill except the pain in my spine and the compression fracture. The fall at work brought this to a head. I spend my days imaging the eradication of the tumors and the development of clean healthy cells. I feel pretty good but I can't walk on own yet and have back brace. I agree the world is different for me now.

Thank you all for your inspiring journeys.

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Welcome and glad you found us. Sorry, your post was overlooked for two days, but sometimes if a first post isn't in the Introduce Yourself Forum it gets overlooked. The good news is that now we know you are here. :)

Reading over your history, it sounds like you are well on your way into a treatment plan . The preliminary tests seem to take forever until you finally reach the place where something is being done, but you are there now and I want to be among the first to send you lots of support, well wishes and prayers to help along the way. Please keep us updated and know that you are among people who understand and care.

Hugs, (because we can all use them ;) )


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I am so glad you found this site, there are so many people here that understand and can answer questions for you.

I sounds like you had an (unfortunately) pretty typical start with this, Lung Cancer seems to be one of the last things doctors look for, especially if there is no cough involved. my story was similar to yours, although I did not have to wait as long to be seen and diagnosed. I had bad back pain, but I was a preschool teacher and a student jumped on my back (playfully) when I was sitting on the floor, so I figured that I had a pulled muscle. When It didn't go away, I figured it was kidney stones again, when I could no longer walk, my doctor said it was a herniated disc. But unfortunately we were all wrong. Like you It had spread to my spine and brain.

The good news is that your treatments have started. Once you have a treatment plan, things start to settle down and you can spend less time in the "confused and scared state of mind" and more time in the "healing and hope state of mind". I love that you are using imagery to eradicate the cancer, I do the same thing, positive thoughts are healing thoughts.

keep us posted on how the chemo is doing, if you have any side effects people here who used the same chemo can help you with suggestions.

Prayers and peace!

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Sorry to hear of that difficult news, ywmeku.

What specific type of lung cancer is it? Adenocarcinoma? Squamous cell? Large cell? Small cell? something else? (BTW, "non-small cell lung cancer" is just a category, which isn't useful enough.)

Best hopes,


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