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Just had biospy today and waiting for PET scan

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Right now my biggest problem I have had the last week is that I sleep on my sides and I cannot because my back starts to hurt. The mass is in my left lung and it is my lower back and stomach at the same spot of the body give me extreme pain that is hard to tolerate. I have problems sleeping on my back so I am up most of the night until I can fall asleep.

Unfortuantely, when I fall asleep I turn on one of my sides and wake up in extreme pain that last a couple of hours. The pain meds do not help much. Last night I did not sleep at all before the biospy as I had too much pain. I do try my sides each night and the pain starts immedately so I have to turn to my back to get it to stop.

I am one of the stupid sleepers that cannot sleep sitting up, with a tv on etc. unless I have been up for several days.

Sorry about the long post, but this sleep thing is a tough one for me. When I am not sleep I get the pain in the back or the stomach or at the same time.

I did not figure out it was the mass in my lung for several days as I had back surgery 10 years ago and they took out 2 discs and put bone in and fused my spine so that if I walk so that my feet hit the ground hard for long periods that I get severe back pain. As far as the stomach, about 3 years ago I was diagnosed with lower bowel obstruction. Which it obstructs, my stomach hurts and I start throwing up and then I have to go to the ER and have them pump my stomach for several days until it unobstructs and I have a bowel movement.

With both of the prior conditions I thought it was the old problems but since I was not walking and the stomach when it hurts with the obstruction, does not stop and hurt again like now but stays hurting.

Again sorry, just trying to give information.


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