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Thursday's Air


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Thought I'd just drop by and wish everyone a great next-to-last-day of the work week.

Still smokey, and up to 95 today they say. No one can believe our weather -- we should be in the high 70s by now but maybe this means summer will last awhile longer. I have a feeling though that we'll just get up one day soon and we'll have skipped Fall altogether and winter will be here.

Has anyone ever done one of those photo books? I decided to do one for my son who just graduated from college in June. Used all the pictures his friends took, as well as some we took, and I lost track of how many hours I spent - but it was fun. The book came yesterday and I think turned out pretty good for a first timer. There are a couple of goofs -- but hopefully they will just be something to laugh at :) His birthday is next week so hope he will like it.

Happy Thursday everyone!

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I think we have your 70* weather here in Michigan. It is sunny and about 69* out this afternoon. It is absolutely beautiful! I love this fall weather. 95* is much too hot for me. I hope you have some air conditioning. I was watching on the news about the wildfires out there and how much it is affecting air quality. Staying inside is okay for a bit, but you do have to go out once in awhile. Sounds like it was a good time to do a picture book. My oldest daughter did that once for my grandson when he was younger. I put it up because he was still at the page ripping stage (about 3) when she did it. I should get it out again. He is 5 now and loves to look at the family pictures.

I laughed to myself when I read that you thought I was getting a lot done. Then I realized I AM getting a lot done. But, I do pick one small thing at a time. Clear a counter top, sort a junk drawer. I don't want to give the impression I am SUPER WOMAN, well maybe. Super Woman who takes on one task at a time and is filling up some of the empty holes I had in my life when I was first diagnosed and had to leave my job. My life is pretty full now. And not just of stuff I have to do, but things I want to do. That is pretty cool.

Well, I hope everyone is having a great day, and Diane, I will breathe in some of the crisp, fresh air coming in my open windows, just for you. Hope your AIR clears soon!


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We have had upper 30's at night, but I have a nice, cozy heated mattress pad! Just like sleeping on a queen-sized heating pad! My hot cocoa in the morning seems appropriate now. I started it instead of coffee because the caffeine in coffee seemed to bother me. I drank it all summer even though it seemed a little out of place I did not want to give it up. I put just a touch of Giaradelli cocoa powder, not the 4T. It calls for. Christmas wil be here before we know it. There, I said it! HaHa!

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