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Friday's Air


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Just finished my swim. I had the whole excercise pool to myself today. Except for the nice young lifeguard, of course. It was so quiet and peaceful. Now to decide to do with the rest of my day.

I am enjoying being out and about. The trees are turning such beautiful colors. They last such a short time that I am trying to enjoy every moment. I even noticed all the golden maple leaves on my front lawn. We live in the country so we don't do a lot of raking. Just in the areas they accummulate around the porch and house etc. 51* and the are talking about 32* overnight, so hopefully that will start to freeze off those weeds that have been challenging my allergies.

My daughter posted her wedding photos this morning. They are on the photographer's website and won't be available for me to share yet, but I will when I can. The wedding day goes by so fast and there are so many beautiful moments that I am glad she had a great person to capture the moments. They were edited down to 1083 photos from 4000. Aison said she and her new husband watched them as a slideshow for 1 1/2 hours last night, but her husband told her they would not be able to do that EVERY night. Oh, to be a newlywed again!

My husband and I just had our 15 year wedding anniversary on September 27th. I reminded him a couple of days ahead, just in case he had forgotten (he had). That way he had time to get me a card and flowers. No use setting yourself for disappointment. You get to know a person over the years and what to expect from them. I knew if he was reminded of the date that I would get a little remembrance. That way he did not have to feel bad for forgetting either. A win for everyone.

Well, hope you are all enjoying your day. Give Autumn Rose a little kiss for me, Diane!


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Good morning Susan. Sounds like you've gotten lots more done today than I have. I will catch up though. Would love to see your daughter's wedding photo -- a friend of ours is a wedding photographer and I have some idea of just how much goes into it. We just had a family friend take our pictures and they are OK - but it would have been nice to have one of those "formal" ones. Had to laugh at your reminding your husband of the anniversary - I've been doing that for years (I bet there are a lot of us). Our anniv. is March 30 - and our youngest son's birthday is 4/1, and occasionally Easter falls early also on that same weekend -- one year when that happened and we were so busy we BOTH forgot :shock: Felt pretty silly I have to admit.

The baby is coming home today and her other grandma was supposed to be coming up to help since my daughter-in-law had a c-section -- but she had an upset stomach and while she is certain it is nothing catching, the new parents are a bit paranoid and won't let her come yet. So I will be chasing the little ones for a few more days. I love it, but it sure becomes obvious really fast why old people with breathing problems don't have children :) On the bright side - I should lose a few pounds! I imagine Bailey is keeping you on your toes.

Hope everyone has a nice Friday.

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Ate my lunch outdoors at a local park. It was a ltiile cool, but I was the only person sitting at a picnic table. A few others were sitting in their cars eating. These are the colors the tree I ate under was wearing.

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