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Tuesday's Air


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Well I meant to visit here earlier today, but better late than never, as they say. It was a partly sunny, breezy 60* here in Michigan after an overnight low of 29*. Time for my fuzzy slippers to come out of the closet. Bailey was pretty sure they were new toys meant for him. I had to chase him down a couple of times to get them back.

I did the Warm Water Workout this morning at the pool. It was my third time to the class and I am surprised at how well I can keep up. I may not get my toes to my butt, while jogging in place, but I did plenty of moving around and bouncing in the water. Some of the regulars in the class have started to introduce themselves. I felt welcome and not an outsider like I have a big part of my life. I guess that is so much because of my perspective and a label I put on myself. It is pretty amazing how much I have learned about myself and life since being diagnosed with lung cancer. Some of us, like me, are slow learners or so thick-headed that it takes a lot to get our attention. Lung cancer has certainly done that for me. I am not there yet, but I am headed that way!

I took my youngest daughter to lunch, got my flu shot (I know my doctor will tell me to do that when I go next month) so that is done picked up a prescription and I picked up some household cleaning products at Target in Lansing. I was able to stick to my list and did NOT make a stop at the mall. I love to shop and my husband will be so pleased I maintained some self control. I bought the dogs some balls and some rawhide chews. Bailey had lost the ball in the first 10 minutes and lost 2 rawhide chews. I think I will wait until later tonight to give him anymore!

Time to think about making dinner soon. Hope you all had a great day too!


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