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Thursday's Air

Janet B

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Good afternoon friends!!

It is so cold here right now. Last week we had a hurricane, yesterday a Nor'easter. Today it is very grey, windy and spitting cold rain. Life is never boring in New England!

The biggest problem is that my husband grew up in a house with no heat, so he doesn't believe it is ever cold enough to warrant using the oil, AND we live in a very drafty house. So, I have been attempting all morning to get dressed, but it is too cold to get out from under the blankets!

I am going to attempt the grocery store today. I haven't shopped or cooked in months because of the "chemo effect". But my oldest daughter is coming home for her birthday this weekend and I want to make her favorite dinner (roast chicken with all the fixings and pumpkin pie) We will see how it goes!

My middle daughter is in medical school at NYU and both of the hospitals they are affiliated with, Langhorne and Bellevue, are still closed because of the hurricane damage, so they are having her do her next elective at Yale. (That is where my oncologist is) That means she can live here for the next month and take the commuter train into the hospital! More important, it means I have her home for the holidays! I am very excited!

I will post an update under the appropriate forum later, but my latest scans came back stable, which was great news. We did stop the chemo early because my body was not handling it at all, but my doctor assures me that he has other tricks up his sleeve if needed so I am not going to worry during the holiday season.

time to put on the Uggs and Down coat and brave the cold -

Wish me luck!

prayers going out to Sara

Peace, Janet

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Janet - stable is GREAT NEWS, and how nice it must be to have your daughter home for a bit - what a treat! It has gotten cold here, but I won't mention just how cold because I feel guilty :) Let's just say Ugg boots would be a bit too much. It is raining though, so nice fireplace weather. Wish I could stay in - but I am taking a friend to lunch. She started out as one of the patients I drove, but we could to be very close. She is also stable, and at 87 can run circles around me!

On a sad note it appears my dog (the one I finally got the urine sample from) may have cancer as well. He is scheduled for more tests this afternoon. Obviously cancer doesn't discriminate. I am still hopeful until we know for sure.

The idea of roasted chicken sure sounds good -- but I think I may cheat and stop at the store and get a rotisserie chicken.

Guess I better get going. Hope everyone has a safe and warm day.

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Nice to see you back Janet, You seem to be getting back to your old self again which makes me happy. I'm glad your dr. has more "tricks" up his sleave too. It's great to know there are options. Stay well and enjoy your family. I came home from Philly yesterday with the same report as you. Everything is stable, no changes even with the recent bleb blowout and surgery in the other lung. It's cold here too, plenty of wind and the sun is bright again. All is good.

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