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SCLC (Stage IV) Survivor.


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I posted this on the LCSC facebook page and felt there would be sufferers here who may like to see it. If anybody wishes to contact me please feel free as I remember how such stories would motivate me and keep me going. I am a British guy who lives in Mexico and teaches High School. Three years ago in November I was diagnosed with lung cancer. It was a Tuesday, never my luckiest day, I had been in hospital and waiting for the test results for 8 days. I had been told the day before that the doctor would deliver the results at 6 O'Clock the next day. Many of my friends and colleagues arrived shortly before the alloted time to support me.

I had been allowed to go out of my hospital room and walk around the grounds, by six I was so nervous I can't describe it so I went for a walk at the front of the hospital building. At about twenty past six I spotted my doctor walking into the building, I quickly caught up with him, "do you have the results?" I asked him, "Yes" he replied, looking straight ahead, "I think we should go up to your room". In that instant I knew the news wasn't good.

My friend came into the hospital room with me and we sat on the sofa, the doctor told me what was wrong "It's lung cancer, the worst kind and it has spread" (SCLC) (it had spread to my brain and was stage 4) My friend started crying, I didn't and I tried to comfort her. I walked out of the room to tell my friends outside and they were all in tears, it was a really bizarre moment as here I was facing death in a few months and I was the only one not crying!

They had been told I had 'months left to live'. Shortly after my diagnosis, and while I was on chemotherapy, I saw a programme from England, I saw the beautiful green countryside and realized I may never see my country again, that was possibly my worst moment.

Well as you can see, I am still here and just want to celebrate the things I have done in these three years, they include:

Four trips to England and time with my family and friends. Teaching some 200 + students. Trips to Washington and San Antonio. Standing on an active volcano in Nicaragua, seeing the Panama Canal. Walking the Great Wall of China with my friends. Seeing Copa America in Argentina. Football tours to China, Germany, Ireland with my mates. Spending time in some 15 countries. Watching my team, Birmingham City win the Carling Cup. Living to see England fail in a World Cup and Euro Cup. Witnessing the Olympics in the city of my birth.

I've laughed hundreds of times, cracked hundreds of jokes, drunk 100s of beers, cried, banged my fists, just felt alive!

I would just like people who have this disease to know they should never give up!

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Hi there and thank you for the wonderful words of inspiration and courage. I totally envy your list ! Hehehe.

I wish I could get my mom to do the same/similar things as I have always believed in (and found success in) doing it that way. Take care and have a happy proud and full life ahead!

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Thank you. What a life lesson! When told there's only a limited time left, we better started getting stuff on our to-do list done. Of course even without being told, we all really have just a limited amount of time in this lifespan. So we better get going on our own private to-do list. Rick.

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