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Friday Air


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Well it's raining here again, and seems colder, but the air quality is a little better. Still not great - but better and I can feel the difference when I breathe.

Got into the office early today. Chuck is taking the afternoon off so we are hoping to go to see Lincoln while it is still here at the theater. I have heard it is good. Tomorrow is our grandson Sean's 3rd birthday so we will be going to his party. He was our first grandson born after my treatment, and one I didn't really expect to get to see -- so it is always extra special.

I hope everyone is enjoying their Friday and planning something nice for the weekend.


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Good afternoon!

I spent the morning at the farm. The temperature was 13 with a windchill of -2. Still, every child and then some showed up! We brought the animals in to the kids instead of the kids out to the animals again! It makes for a crazy morning, I will be happy when temperatures get a bit warmer next week.

After the farm I met some friends for lunch. It was nice to see them and chat, I had put off his lunch off for a few weeks because of my stamina (remember our "air" conversation about declining invites?!). However, I really should have put it off again today. It is just too much for me to do anything else on Farm days. Halfway through lunch I started crashing, and now I am home ready for bed.

Diane, Lincoln was wonderful! Enjoy! And have a wonderful time at your grandson's birthday, what a blessing!

Our big weekend plans are to buy a new toilet!! WHOO HOO! (Our guest bathroom toilet died the other day). I am hoping that I can convince my husband that as long as we are getting a toilet we might as well get a new floor covering too! This bathroom has the same floor and fixtures we put in 24 years ago and survived through 3 kids from toddlers to adults, it deserves a little makeover!

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend!


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