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I have BAC. I live in an extremely small area that is home to small town gossip so have told just a small group of trusted friends. To get good care I travel an hour to our capitol city. My onc is the best in the region, my nurses exceptional. This is my second go-round of BAC. I am so very private, and have a tendancy to be prickly to strangers. All combined, I didn't get any counselling as I wouldn't talk to strangers. Thus, I know I am still angry and it will overflow at times. Suggestions on handling the anger and at times the depression, although that is much better.

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I think some anger can be useful. Someone here told me that visualizing the tumor and yelling at it is a good way to cope ~ anger would help there.

Please mention the depression to your doc. The doc WILL know about depression and how much is OK and when you might need help. Some help can come from talking to us, but some might need meds too. Always make sure that your doc knows everything you are taking, even vitamins, herbs and stuff.

I use & used humor, but some would call me sick/warped etc, so I guess it won't work for every one :wink:

I do hope we can help!!



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You are very fortunate to have such good care. I live in a small town - but the nearest major cancer center is 5 hours away. I do like my local oncologist a lot and that is important as well. I think the anger for all of us is somewhat normal. Has been for me anyway. After 15 years it is better, but still there, and as Katie said I think it serves a purpose. Aside from a counselor, I think as with many things the best medicine is time. Like you, I'm a private person. I told no one other than immediate family the first dx. The second dx I still told no one, but my family spread the word. I'm sure it's silly, but if they know the first thing people ask is "how are you doing?" -- and not the normal "how are you" they would ask someone else. I know they mean well and are just concerned - but I'd really rather they looked at me the same as they would look at anyone else. I am not by nature a particularly depressed person - but I still deal with it on occasion. I haven't needed medication so far, but many use it and it helps. I would not hesitate if I thought it would make me feel better.

This is a great place to come and vent. Everyone here knows how it is, and there is nothing but support and caring.

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Thank you for the imput :) I read everything and try to process. Around here...you have 'C' you are a write-off so I really don't have local to talk to. My care team is wonderful , one of my nurses is fairly local, is of the same faith and practices as I, and 'get's me so I consider her a friend. She even FB'd me :)

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