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Saturday's air


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Good morning eveyone or should I say happy Super Bowl weekend? Interesting to see New Orleans getting so much attention. My grandson works right next to the Super Dome so between the game and Mardi Gras he is not getting to work all of the extra hours that he was. I am glad though he tends to spend too much time working. It is good that he is able to but sometimes a little play goes a long way toward renewal.

My kids wanted me to stay for Mardi Gras but I had too much to take care of here and the way my back and leg have been I would not have been able to enjoy it like I used to. My son road in his parade last night. They live in Houma and the parades there have gotten as big as the ones in New Orleans, at least most of them have. It is a lot of fun if you ever get a chance to go. Don't go by all of the garbage you see happening on Bourbon Street. That is not the real Mardi Gras. Boourbon Street is where all of the tourists go and they do those things, very few of the locals take part. In most cases the parades are family afairs and people visit with neighbors and others they have not seen in a long time. Many people bar b que or have other food and make it a real party.

So here the weather is fantastic. That is the only word I can find to discribe it. I am so enjoying the weather here after being in Louisiana. The biggest draw back for me there is the weather. I hate it. I am either freezing to the bone or sweating and at times that can be one day after the next!!

Managed a few exercises this morning trying to loosen up and keep the pain away without taking anything. I am wearing a patch so will see if those things help. Time to finish paying my bills and then fix some lunch. I bought some fish to cook so should be able to eat that and some bean salad too. Hope this will teach me new ways to get my veggies and lose some weight. I think that would go a long way toward helping the back and leg pain but seems like everything is against me when it comes to that. Hard to exercise while in pain and hard to eat when you can't chew too good and have to worry about reflux flare ups. Sounds like I am making excuses. Shame on me!!!

Hope you all stay warm and dry and have a great weekend. If I could I would share our weather but want to hold on to it as long as I we can. Take care and let us know what is going on in your world today!

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Lily, I'm glad you're enjoying the weather. Talked to my son who lives in Redding yesterday, and he was rubbing it in how nice it is. Our weather is about the same here - occasionally, if we're lucky, the sun might show up around 2:00 or so, but the air quality is still not good. I really don't like this dreary gray weather, but I hate to complain too much when I know how severe the midwest and east coast have had it this winter. I've never been to New Orleans, but have always wanted to go. I do remember the weather in the south. Years ago we were traveling to Florida from Ariz, and after driving until midnight across Texas stopped at a motel just across the LA line. When we woke up in the morning the walls were covered (seriously) with these cute little tiny frogs - and was it humid!! The kids loved it (the frogs that is) - and it is still the most vivid memory I have from that trip.

Katie was right, and this Prednisone does make you want to eat. I finally got serious and lost about half of the 15 lbs I gained during chemo and after keeping it off during the holidays I'm going to be really bummed if I put it back on now.

Speaking of food - I'm off to the grocery store (along with probably everyone else in town stocking up on chips and beer for tomorrow). I am pretty sure that grocery shopping when all you can think about is food is not the best plan :(

Have a great weekend and may your favorite team win!

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