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Tuesday's air


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I guess sense no one else will open the air it is up to me this morning. Cool cloudy and a few light showers here in Redding. I don't really mind. It is a vegetable soup kind of day. Sense I have dental problems that is a good thing for me.lol

I just looked out my window and saw that the young eucolyptus tree in the creek out front is falling over. Didn't hear any wind that high during the night but guess it was. Don't know what they can do with it because the creek is protected. I love that tree so hope it can be saved.

We still haven't heard anything about our neighbor. Not having any family my make it hard for us to get news. Just keep praying that he will get what he needs.

My doctors office called to inform me that the place on my ankle that was diagnosed years ago as psorisis is the same kind of skin cancer that I had removed from my face. Same one diagnosed that one too. I guess it could have formed sense then but makes me wonder. At any rate I will be seeing the plastic surgeon again to have it removed. He did a great job on my face I just dread to have it done right when fooling with my teeth. Am hoping that I don't have to lay flat on a table again. That did me in with my back and it has never been the same again.

Hope everyone is safe and well take care and stay warm. Please stop in and say hi.

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Thanks for opening the "Air" Lillian! I am concerned about your neighbor also, keep us posted. And, when you go to the doctor for your leg, tell him it bothers you to lie flat, maybe something can be done about it. I have learned to be gently demanding in what I need!

Eric, you always tell the best stories! That must have been quite e excitement for those kids at the police station!

For Alan and everyone else, if you have never had a hot buttered rum on a cold winter day (preferably in front of a warm fire). I highly recommend you add it to your bucket list!! Yummy, and it warms the tummy!

I am once again spending the whole day at my cancer center. I had to be here at 11:30 to have my port accessed for a 1:00 CT scan. I have an appointment with my Onc at 4:15 and then a meeting of the Patient Advisory Committee at 5:00.

My daughter was home for a visit and came to my scan with me, but had to head back to school in NYC so between the CT and now I ran her over to the train station. It is pouring rain out, horrible day out there! it IS warmer though, about 5 degrees, so hopefully this rain will help get rid of all the snow.

I think I will spend the rest of the wait crocheting, I have to finish this one sweater before Lillian finishes several blankets!

Unfortunately I am having a terrible craving for a hot pretzel. maybe at the Patient Advisory meeting I will suggest they sell those in the cafeteria!



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