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Monday's Air

Janet B

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Happy Monday everyone!!

I hope you all had wonderful weekends! We got another 8 inches of snow on Friday, but it is all gone already and the crocuses and daffodils are poking through the soil!!!!!!


Tomorrow we head up to Boston to speak with the Dr. there about possible clinical trials. We will take copious notes and then sit down with my Oncologist and go over all the options one more time before we decide. My onc. is very confident that, if I qualify, the Boston doc has a trial that would be good for me. So off we go! We plan to go to the appointment, do a tour of Fenway and then take our two kids who are in Boston out to dinner, It will be a long day, so Wednesday is already designated a pajama on the couch day!

My big news is that I GOT MY BIRD!!! He is only 2 1/2 months old and so sweet. He is slowly getting used to us, still doesn't want our hands in his cage, but gets mad at us when we ignore him! I named him Barker after my Grandfather. his name was Charles Barker Muth, but one Charlie in the house is enough! I seem to get nothing accomplished because I spend my whole day sitting with him! I am SO happy!

have a wonderful wonderful day everyone!!

Peace, Janet


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Hi Janet,,Good luck with the dr. in Boston. I hope you get a plan that works great for you. I like your new bird. A friend of mine had those for a while. I remember alot of newspaper around the cage. Do they talk? My cat CHARLIE loves poultry. I'm sure the cat would spend his life standing by the cage saying" here birdie birdie." Have fun with your new pet. I wish more guys would write in here once in a while. It's getting to be a girls club. We have FUN too ya know.

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I so glad you got your bird - he's really handsome and love the name! Do you think he'll talk eventually? My daughter-in-law had a Macaw that talked a bluestreak - but it was mean and scared the heck out of me - had a huge beak. I like Barker's size much better. All the best on your trip to Boston, and I hope they have the perfect trial for you. I really did enjoy the trial I participated in. The long drive to Seattle got a little old - but we just made a point of enjoying the great Seattle food and sights and that made it much easier. How far is Bostom from where you are?

Alan, I agree it would be nice to have some of the guys drop in more often. Randy and Bruce used to drop in fairly often, and still do once in awhile, but I'm sure they are busy but maybe they'll be by to say hello one of these days soon.

Well guess what . . . the laundry room project that was supposed to be done this weekend didn't quite make it :shock: Janet - it's those darn baseboards. At least the washer is hooked up again.

Sunny and hi 60s here today, and supposed to be almost 70 tomorrow. The plum tree has blossoms on it and I hear lawnmowers going . . . I LOVE IT!!

Hope it's a good Monday wherever you are.

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Hey everyone. Not sure if I'm posting in the right day here. I get so muddled with my days now that I'm not working. It's Tuesday here, I think.

Anyways, how's everyone doing? Awesome to hear You finally got your bird Janet and I love the name. Unusual, especially for a bird!! Can't wait to hear more as the two of you get to know each other.

It's been a while since I've been on. A bit of a hectic week as mum was admitted into hospital with low platelets / white blood count and a neutropenic score of zero (yikes) After her new chemo last week. My hands are so dry they're painful from the extra hand washing and alcohol spray! She's on the mend though and will hopefully be home in a few days.

We had snow again yesterday, sunshine today and more snow forecast tomorrow then again later in the week. Wish spring would hurry up and arrive already.

Am taking advantage of the extra time to myself whilst mum's in hospital though to recharge my batteries and I'm going ice skating tomorrow morning. That should be fun - haven't been since I was about 15, which was almost 20 years ago now. Fingers crossed I can still skate and I'll be back tomorrow night to let you all know how many times I fell on my backside!

Anyway, just thought I'd pop in and say hi. Good luck in Boston Janet. Hope the trial is something that can work for you and enjoy the dinner with your family x

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Hi y'all!

I know this is an older "Air" but I didn't look for a newer 1 once I saw the bird. TOO CUTE! I am a bird lover, but stick to the ones in my yard. We already have a zoo, I think I posted my pups here before. With our 3 dogs, the St. Bernard we have been fostering since late Jan. and our Bearded Dragon, a bird could be that mythical straw on the camel's back LOL

I hope all went well in Boston!!

Diane, Are you doing the laundry room, or having it done? I love DIY projects.

Clare, adding prayers for you & your mom. Good for you remembering to recharge yourself when you get a chance!

Speaking of birds, I got torn from typing here cuz of them, as pasted from my Facebook status::: I love my birds and they love me! Kait heard a bird and it made her think she should call me, so she decided to call me later. After lunch she heard another bird and remembered she should call me in a little while. A few minutes later she heard a Woodpecker and figured she better call NOW!! Over an hour and not done chatting, just had to get the phone off my ear and the butt off the chair LOL

Take care and be well everybody!


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