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Thursday's Air

Janet B

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Hi everyone!

It is a grey yucky day here again. One day of sun just wasn't enough!! I have to head out now and battle the grocery store so I can start cooking for the crowd arriving tomorrow. I also have to stop at the bank, the train station (to buy my ticket for my first Boston appointment) and Marshall's ( to buy a small rolling suitcase for all these Boston excursions). then home again to unpack the groceries and off to Maundy Thursday service. I am exhausted just thinking about it. I would rather just stay home and play with my bird!

Eric, again, I am so sorry about the loss of your friend. I am sure you did a wonderful job with your eulogy. I have already planned out my memorial. I want it to be quite the party!!

Lillian, I have been following your recovery on Face book. I am so glad you are starting to feel better.

So, this Boston Clinical trial. Right now it is in the confusing stage, appointment making and then appointment changing and scheduling calling, research nurses calling, Drs calling! I think once I get started it will calm down and get into a routine! Right now I have to go to Boston on Monday just to sign the consent. (I will hitch a ride there on Easter evening with my kids and take the train back). Then I have to go back later in the month for Pre trial testing. Then I go back the following week for three days. The week after that for one day, the week after that for three days and then every other week for 5 months. phew! Everything has to be done there - the drug itself is Afatanib , a pill, that I take three days every two weeks.

The bad part is, depending on scheduling, I may not be able to go to Hope Summit. I will know more on Monday, hopefully.

My bird is getting a little tamer. He will eat out of my hand, but very skittishly! he does get mad however if I am not sitting right next to his cage and he squawks as loud as he can to let me know! I can't wait for him to be calm enough to come out of his cage and hang out with me.

Well, I better get to the stores before it gets later, not looking forward to it one bit!!

Have a wonderful day everyone -


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I think Eric and Lily actually got Thursday started on Wednesday - but just glad to see people.

Lily I'm so glad you are feeling better. I did some research for a job I was doing a few years back on nonprofits. It was really fascinating. Some are just great - and others are well - complete frauds. It is really a "buyer beware" sort of thing. Some are definitely worse than others, but always end up preying on the people they are supposed to help.

Eric the memorial sounds lovely, and I am sure your talk was the best and Robert would have been thrilled!

Janet - now that you mention it, I do remember making several trips to Seattle before the actual trial got underway. Once all the pre-testing was done, and it was just a matter of getting the treatment, it did go much more smoothly. I know they tried hard to accommodate my schedule since we were coming from out of town, but the trial itself required very strict time lines. Fortunately my treatment was only once a month although often required two days for scans, but had to be done within 48 hours of the previous treatment - no wiggle room. Taking the train sounds wonderful. How long a trip is it by train? I love trains and would have been happy to have that as an option, but the nearest train station is 2-1/2 hours north in Eugene. There are definitely drawbacks to living in a smaller town. We don't have a Marshall's either -- I loved Marshall's when I lived in San Diego! I hear we are getting a Texas Roadhouse. Not sure exactly what they are - but assume some type of BBQ/steak place. Also, we have not one, not two, but THREE super Walmarts . . . just don't ask me why. The idea of our small valley needing 3 super Walmarts is just bizarre. I think someone in corporate headquarters must have had a few too many drinks at lunch one day maybe.

Our weather is still cloudy and cool, maybe will hit 60 by late mid-afternoon. I did see the weather report and it said it "might" hit 70 this weekend -- if that came with some sun it would be perfect.

Take care everyone!

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