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Thursday's Air

Janet B

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Good afternoon everyone!

It is cold (59) and grey out today. In a little bit I have to leave for the farm to do a tour for an after school program, I wish the weather was nicer for them. Fingers crossed that it doesn't start raining.

My bird got out again yesterday. I think the whole time he is loose he is laughing at me. I have a bird house on my mantle and he spent most of the day sitting on it staring down at me! He was out for over 5 hours, before I finally convinced him to go back into his cage. If he wasn't so cute, I would be furious!

Katie, your puppy was so cute before, but so, so adorable with that huge cast on! Poor baby, you must just want to cuddle it (him?her?) all the time. I hope your daughter isn't feeling too bad about it, accidents happen.

Eric, what a day you have planned!! One of those activities alone would do me in for the day! I think with all that activity you can go ahead and enjoy your high calorie McDonalds!

I went in for all my pretrial testing on Tuesday. I should find out tomorrow if I was accepted. It was a very long day. I had support group the night before until 7:30 so instead of driving all the way home (1 hour). I spent the night at my sister's (15 mins.) I had to be back at the hospital at 7:30 am and was there until 6:30 pm. Of course it was a beautiful sunny day in the high 70s and I was stuck in the hospital. There is a beautiful rooftop Healing Garden with a stream running through it though and I went out there, claimed a bench and fell asleep in the sun between tests.

I am SO ready for summer!

Hope you are all just super busy living, but stop on by and let us know you are ok!


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