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Good morning everyone. I hope that you all had a good Wednesday. Sorry I didn't make it here yesterday but it was a fairly busy day. There is a church up the street from where I live. It is called Little Country Church but the congregation is a large, they have 3 services on Sundays and one on Wednesday and there are about 4 hundred seats. I have only gone there a couple of times but they come here often to the Senior housing where I live. Once a year they do a bar b que for us between Mother's Day and Father's Day. Yesterday was that day. It is really a nice day. They do only burgers but they have all of the trimmings plus potato salad and baked beans. All very good. After lunch we have a sing along of praise music. It is very up lifting though I prefer the old songs like Old Rugged Cross and How great Thou are. They did do amazing grace but added another verse and it was more of a rocking tune. At any rate I enjoyed it a lot as did the few that stayed after eating. That is one of my sore points people who come just for the food and run off. Can't change them so have to learn to not get so upset with them.

Today is cloudy and cooler. We have a chance for some rain. I really don't mind because we do need it. I thought about going out today and spending some of my Mother's Day gift but the threat of rain and the fact that I was up early with my hip has pretty much changed my mind. I guess I will just make my casserole and a yogurt upside down cake and do a few exercises to see if they will help my back and hip.

Janet how is your bird doing? Is he trained yet?

I am still concerned about Janet. I sent her a message on facebook but she never answered. I will try to see if I can locate a phone number for her. If anyone hears from her please let me know.

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Lily – I just saw your note on FB, so that prompted me to check in here and I am so sorry I have been AWOL and not let anyone know. Thank you for worrying about me and taking the time to check on me – I really appreciate it. I wish I had a great excuse, but it has just been a very very difficult winter, both because of my health issues which have gotten worse (cancer is still stable, but the problems stem from the treatment) and due to several very serious family crises. I think I just fell into this awful depression and have not been able to pull myself out. I am normally an optimistic person, and I have to admit I really hate this pit I’ve fallen into and am slowing trying to dig myself out of. I am working on it and am feeling better. Your post about how important this site is to everyone with LC was wonderful and so very true. I remember vividly how much better I felt when I first found this site and received responses to my first post. Instantly, I no longer felt so alone. I will do better.

I have been to the Little Country Church and was pretty surprised to find out just how big it really is. My son goes there and loves it. The music is one of the things they really like about it – but like you I sort of like the older hymns.

Janet, how cool it must be to have an “almost” doctor in the house! How is the trial going? I tried reading back old posts as far as I could and noted that Barker is now sitting on your finger – I think that is amazing in such a short period of time.

Eric and Alan, it is nice to see the “guys” posting again. I’m always worn out by the time I finish reading about Eric’s busy schedule, but love hearing about it.

As part of my effort to get out of this depression I signed up for a crochet class. Aside from the half dozen false starts, and piles of knotted yarn, I enjoyed getting out and just sitting around a table with other women who were having as much trouble as I. I have visions of being able to make a few nice scarves for gifts, but that may be a ways off yet.

My husband decided to remodel the master bathroom. Now that is something you should not do if your spouse is depressed!! He just isn’t happy unless he has a project going, and that’s great - but I am much happier when the project is outside or confined to the garage So far it is about half done – no shower or toilet yet. Unfortunately he fell at work and landed on his back. Thankfully he will be okay – but as of now can barely get out of a chair. We have a second bathroom of course, but it is quite aways from the master bedroom. If I get up at night, I have to turn the hall light on to make my way through the house to the bathroom and the dogs think it’s morning and time to eat! By the time they get the idea that we aren’t getting up yet, and I make it back to bed – I’m wide awake.

Have a good day everyone.

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Diane I am so relieved to learn that for the most part you are ok. I know only too well how that depression can come on and eat at a person. I hope you are feeling better soon. As for family problems we both seem to have similar problems with one of our children. It is no fun being put in the middle. My daughter is doing good and so is my son in lay (yes he has been my son in law for 30 years so will always be). Divorce is never pretty and I am thankful that my grandkids are grown because it is still hard on them. My daughter will always be my daughter and I love her unconditionally. Having been there I know too that no one outside a marriage knows everything that goes on. People grow and people change and some people don't change. I have just come to accept that what is is and there is nothing I can do about it. There is a lot less stress that way.

I do pray that you feel better soon. I really have missed the people on this forum and do need to read some of the others but time seems to take wings faster each day and I have so many things that I am doing that I have to choose one or two things a day sometimes. I do love to be home but also have commitments that I have taken on. What is bad is that I had already slowed down a lot and now with my back problems I seem to work at about one tenth of that speed. Oh well getting old but won't complain. It does no good and I see many much worse that I am. Hope you all have a great evening and that we hear from all of our friends here soon and that more of you who just come to visit will stop in and say hello.

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OMG!!! I am so glad you are okay Diane, we have all been so worried!!

We all understand the disappearing from the forum and Facebook for a while because of depression, been there, but just so happy to hear from you!! I hope things are starting to get better. I am so glad you started crochet! Once you get the hang of it is such a relaxing, meditative thing to do.

I also understand the bathroom remodel, It has been months and months and he still hasn't put up the baseboard!!

My bird is doing well! He sits on my finger , inside the cage, and is very friendly, again, inside the cage! He is a little bit frightful about the big world outside of his cage! Do any of you know the poem Belinda's Dragon? Belinda had a "realio, trulio little pet dragon" named Custard who always cried for his "nice safe cage!"

I am so sorry that I have been missing for a few days. My son visited and as soon as he left my daughter came. I guess I was really pushing my self to be "normal". Because as soon as she left today I fell sound asleep and slept the whole day away! I haven't been feeling so well lately, very bad bone pain and nausea. the nausea is definitely do to the trial drug, we are not sure about the bone pain, hoping it is the drug and not new growth, but it has been a bit debilitating . I haven't gone to the farm all week, and actually told them not to expect me for a while. My doctor is supposed to be calling in a prescription for a stronger pain killer, of course that will probably take away my ability to drive - sheesh!

My neighbor has been building a monstrous stone patio for two weeks, so I have had two weeks of waking at 8:00 to stone being cut, which continues until 5:30 each night. On top of that he seems to have encroached on our property and my husband has refused to go speak to him about it. So, now I am angry at my neighbor and my husband! I can't believe that a man that owns his own engineering company is afraid to talk with his neighbor about property lines. Another sheesh!

hope everyone is well!



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