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Saturday's air


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Good morning everyone. Bright sunshine and mild temperatures expected here today. Bright sun is already here shining in my face so will have to close the blind for a while soon. I am a light person. I don't close the blinds unless I absolutely have to or when I leave on a trip. My apartment is on the second floor so I don't have to worry about anyone seeing into my living or dining areas. Bedroom blinds stay closed but I leave a window opened or cracked all of the time even when it is cold. Don't know if it is from being claustrophobic or what but I want that fresh air.

These early mornings can be hard but by 5 or 6 I just can't stay in the bed any more. My back and hip start hurting big time and it is time to get up. The good thing about getting up so early is that I am up each morning to hear the geese as they migrate from one side of town to the other. Besides that as slow as I have gotten I need the extra time to get things done. :lol:

This afternoon and evening are pretty well taken up so this morning I am trying to make the most of the time that is free. I have to call pokeno at 2 then ice cream social where I serve is at 6. That means missing part of the game but I hope that it won't be too much. I have really made the ball game a priority because I was away for so many years and didn't get to see them play. Now I am trying to make up for lost time.

I have an appointment to get my hair cut at noon today. I have been keeping it very short for several years now. I am fortunate enough that when it is the right length all I have to do is wash it and run the brush through and then forget it. My hair is so strange. I will be 70 next year yet I still have a lot of blond hair. When it is a new cut and right after I wash it it looks completely grey then as it grows or when I don't wash it everyday there are times when it looks more blond than grey. I am not sure if it is the oils in it or not. I have always had really dry hair and skin so not really sure.

Diane and Michelle how is the gardening going? I really missed seeing a lot of the spring bloom this year. I was down so long after my surgery and then with my back that I didn't get out too much. Now even with a few showers recently the grass is starting to turn brown and I am pretty sure that we are in for a long hot summer.

Well I guess I will get on with my morning. I need to do a few exercises then get busy with putting some things on a flash drive for the party I am working on for next month.

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Lily - what is pokeno? The ice cream social sounds like a lot of fun! You must live in a nice apt. complex. We moved to Redding once and lived in an apt. on Hilltop while we were building a house. There sure weren't any social activities there. In fact, it didn't seem like the neighbors even liked each other very much. They certainly could have used someone like you! We were there 12 months - and I loved the winter and spring, but just could not handle the heat during the summer. We missed Southern Oregon too much though, so moved back almost immediately.

It is cool and cloudy here today - but the sun and warmer temps are supposed to be back tomorrow. Then more cooler weather for later next week. The hot weather will be here soon enough.

We got our tomatoes planted. I really wanted to plant some Walla Walla onions, but couldn't find any this year - guess I waited too long. I am anxious to start on the flowers. I don't really plant too many - I don't have the stamina any longer. I've found that pots and barrels work pretty well and keep the labor down. I love sitting on the patio and seeing the color.

My husband is finishing up the bathroom tile - he says and I hope. I think it will look really nice, but what a mess. He just isn't happy unless he has a project going. After a couple weeks, I try to be a good sport and not mention that a professional could have had it all done in two days :)

Hope everyone is enjoying their Saturday.

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I used to play Pokeno with my Nanny when I was little, brings back good memories!

I just came in from gardening, I have to start all over this year, Hurricane Sandy killed just about everything. My garden was almost all perrenials,but after two hurricanes in two years, I am sticking with the cheaper

annuals this year! I do lots of pots on the deck also. We rearranged our deck furniture to get the table farther away from our neighbors massive out door kitchen! It has been the same way for so many years, it is kind of nice to change it up. I am also planting serval deck railing pots to kind of act as a screen! now it is getting chilly, so I will stop for the day.

My day started off badly, the pain was so bad I didn't sleep at all and couldn't get comfortable or even think. My Onc called in a prescription for Percocet - wow, what a difference!! I am fuzzy and typing this is taking an extraordinary amount of time, but for the first time in days I am pain free!

My sister stopped by this afternoon with a pound of shrimp which we ate very quickley! I haven't seen her in a few weeks and it was nice to get caught up.

Today was my first real day out side in the sunshine, it makes me feel alive again, it was a long hard winter - here's to an amazingly wonderful summer!!

Peace, Janet

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Janet I am glad that you are pain free and able to get outside. That in it's self should do wonders for you. I always wish I had a garden but then I think of the bending and weeding and my back hurts just thinking about it :lol: Annuals are a good idea but I always liked the bulbs best. When I retired I had a lot of beautiful flowers in my yard in French Gulch. Where I lived was built on the tailings of an old mining area so it was all rock and very little dirt. To make flower beds I had to haul in dirt and mulch and make everything built up. I had a lot of rocks available and was given some cement blocks so I did what I could If I knew how to post pictures here, oh well I have had it explained several times and just never quite got it. Anyway I had almost every color of iris there is including one that was a deep mahogany. I also had several different daffodils and a lot of tulips and carnations. When I moved and no longer had a yard I dug most of it up and gave them and my yard decorations to my sister in law and my niece. My nieces husband planted the bulbs and they did well. Then she died and he is not well so his kids dug them all up. The yard decorations just rotted away. I had a lot of money in all of that and I hate that it was wasted but there was nothing I could do about it.

Diane pokeno is a game that is played a lot like bingo. You have game cards and need 5 in a row or the middle and 4 corners. The card is made up of different playing cards and the numbers are called from a deck of cards. If 2 people win at the same time the one with the highest poker hand wins. I played years ago with a group of ladies and we played for prizes. Here I keep track of who wins how many and black out and booby and give out coupons for a free hot dog and drinkwhen we have our hot dog sale and or a free trip to our ice cream social. We usually charge $1.50 for the hot dog and drink and $1 for all the ice cream and toppings you want. It covers the cost.

Well game is over and my boys are on a loosing streak so I think I will play a few slot games then go to b

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