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Well the cooler weather is back and they are even calling for snow at higher elevations – very strange weather. We are supposed to just get rain, which I’m sure we need. The rain does seem to help with allergies however 

Yesterday I went to visit a woman I have been driving to treatment for the past year. She is 88 and going strong. She is from Southern Calif and comes from a huge close knit family. Her son moved her up here last year (he’s an only child). He sold her house, took away her car and moved her into a tiny senior apartment where she knows no one. He works of course, so is limited in the amount of time he can spend with her. She never complains, but I know she is really lonely and missing her friends and family in So. Cal. Recently her doctor told her the treatments were not working and there was nothing else to try. I really enjoy her company. Despite everything, she is so upbeat. When I’m able, I take her to lunch. She has a list of foods she’s never eaten, so we are working our way through her list. It is fun – but not good for my waist line . Yesterday we split a Reuben, and the next on the list is Chioppino (not sure that’s spelled right).

I need to find some time to crochet today since my last class is Thursday and we are supposed to be finished with our projects and ready to start the next one. I’m not even halfway done – got off to a rocky start. Am not sure I have a knack for this, but am determined to keep at it.

Happy Tuesday!

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Diane - Keep on trying with the crochet! Not if it frustrates you too much, but if you get the hang of it, it can be very relaxing and an easy take along project for waiting rooms and car trips! As far as having a project room, I am a little jealous! I also have boxes of photos that need to be organized and labeled but by the time I get them halfway sorted on the Dining room table, I have to use the table and they all get jumbled again! I like your friend's idea to eat all the foods she hasn't tried. I suggested to Charlie that we should try every restaurant in our town that we haven't been to. It is a small town, but on the shoreline, so a vacation spot - we have a crazy amount of restaurants!

Today is a picture perfect day her in CT. They promised mostly cloudy and rainy and the sky couldn't be any bluer and it is 80 degrees.

I started out the day throwing up, a lovely side effect of this trial drug. Then I headed to the nursery to buy more plants (I don't want to even think about how much money I have spent there this spring!). Halfway through my shopping I had to call my husband to come get me because I was just to weak. I came home, had something to eat and took a nap, now I am headed out to plant my new flowers. Tomorrow I have a 10 hour day at the cancer center, the second month of my cycle on the trial drug, which means blood tests and EKG's all day. Since I have to be there at 7 am, I am going to my sisters for the night - she only lives a few miles a way from the hospital. I still have to plant, shower and pack - oh my! I better get moving!

Have a wonderful day!

Peace, Janet

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Janet - so sorry you are sick, but you didn't mention pain so hopefully that is still under control. I like your idea of hitting all the restaurants. We live about 15 miles from a small town of Ashland, where they have a big Shakespearean theater, as well as all sorts of other types of plays that draw people from all over, so it is a tourist spot also and has tons of great restaurants, most of which I've never eaten at but have wanted to. I think I will put that on my "bucket list" --- and I wonder why I can't seem to lose any weight?!

Hope tomorrow goes smoothly for you.

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