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Wednesday's air


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Sorry that I have not been around the past few days. Things just seem to pile up and days get so busy I can't seem to catch up.

The weather here is crazy but wonderful. We went from mid 90s down to low 70s for highs and I love it. Nice to just keep the windows open and not run the air conditioner. I just got my bill yesterday and sense it has gone up 25% I am glad to put off needing the air for as long as possible.

I guess those of you on facebook saw my post about my cousin Henry. It is hard to believe that I had a whole family that I never knew until just 7 years ago. I am grateful for them everyday but as always when you love people you never know how much heartache is in store. Henry was younger than me and now he is gone. He had had a lot of trouble with stomache issues in the past few years, in and out of the hospital. From what the doctors told Millie it sounds like an anurisium (sp) that killed him. Heartbreaking for those who love him and for Millie his sister just one more heartache on top of all the others in the past 4 years starting with the death of her son about 4 years ago.

My heart goes out to the people of Oklahoma. I know I have some family there but I don't know them or where they live. Johnny also had some kids there years ago not sure if they were still there or not. I wonder if Debi still lives there does anyone know?

Going full force getting things together for our 50s party. Yesterday I made some poodle skirt cups to put candy in for each table. I have a flash drive full of pictures of people and things from that decade and now am getting together pictures of my neighbors that were taken in the 50s. I plan on putting them on the flash drive too along with all the pictures of neighbors sense I moved here. They will run on the tv while the party goes on.

Well getting ready to watch Kelly and Derek and the other finalists from SWTS on Good Morning America. I am so glad that Derek and Kelly won. They were all good but those two are outstanding.

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Good morning Lily - so glad your weather has cooled a bit. Our weather has as well, but not enough to bother the few tomato plants I've managed to put in. The 50s party sounds like great fun and the pictures should be a blast! It is very sad about the tornado. It seems like there have been so many tragedies this year so far.

I have an appt with my pulmonologist this morning. I am hoping I can talk him into letting me get off the Prednisone, but I'm not hopeful. Afterward I'm meeting a friend for lunch. There are lots of things I'd like to get done when I get home, but by afternoon I'm usually running out of steam. I still have quite a lot of crocheting to do before the final class tomorrow - it still is not going well, but I have learned quite a lot and that is is the main goal. I'm not giving up. The next project is a hat - and I'm sure that will go better :).

I hope Janet is having an easy day of it.


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