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Mom was diagnosed 20 months ago with NSCLC Stage IV

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Hi Everyone. My name is Kim. My mom was diagnosed with Stage IV Lung Cancer and on 9/27/11 was her first chemo treatment. The following day I delivered my twins 9/28/11. We had so many plans that we were going to do together and they all came to a halt. Our hearts were broken and I just thought we were in a nightmare that I couldn't wake up from. She did well her first three month of Chemo with carboplaxin. She just had no energy and had some nausea. She went for her PET scan 3 months later to find out the chemo really didn't work, so they gave her an option to take a different kind of chemo that was every other week for 3 months again we kept going through each cycle of the chemo not working. The last time the CHEMO she had made her so weak and sick, that she couldn't get off the couch somedays. It was just horrible watching her like this. She received the worse news after the PET scan in March 2013, that she has multiple tumors in her right and left lung and she has new spots on her lymph nodes and he sees it going into her glands in her kidneys. He told her to go home and decide if she wanted to go further with her treatment, his personal opinion was that she lost too much weight and was way to weak to take any further treatment. Well, she took a month off of chemo and got some strength back, so she decided 2 weeks ago to start with treatment again. I'm not sure of the name of her new chemo, but it's every 2 weeks for 70 minutes long. After the steroids wear off she is so weak and can't do much. If someone doesn't help her get dress she won't get herself up off the recliner. She is now second guessing if she made the right decision. She has been very depressed, because she just wants to be there for me and she can't. I understand and bring my twins to see her, but I'm so sad when I leave her, because she is so weak. I've been trying to see if she will take some sort of clinical treatment or anything to give her a little better quality of life. I want her to enjoy every second, minute, hour and days ahead. The cough has gotten worse and now she has a rattling in her chest. She also is complaining about her mouth being sore. If anyone could give me some advice it would be greatly appreciated. Thank you for listening.

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