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Going to be hot here today, but still in the 80s at the moment. I am supposed to be doing laundry and making a grocery list, but decided to stop in here first.

Katie, I remember when my kids got out of school for the summer. I can't imagine trying to work from home and getting much accomplished. Camps were great, but didn't last nearly long enough!

The graduation was actually pretty nice - I hadn't been to an 8th grade graduation before. We only had graduation for high school and college. They let the kids plan it and do all work, and I have to admit I was pretty impressed by what a great job they did. They seemed much more mature and self-confident than we did at 13. The cake and cookies were good too!!

I have gotten so I just hate trying to come up with a grocery list. I can go to the store for a few small items, but Chuck has to do the "big" shopping. Not that I loved grocery shopping, but having to depend on someone else can be frustrating even though I'm really grateful he's so willing to do it. I have to be careful what I put on the list -- he has come home with some really interesting choices, not to mention the fact that he still hasn't figured out that you don't buy moldy fruit or things that expired yesterday :). After so many years of cooking, I am so tired of the same old "go-to" recipes! I have boxes full of new recipes I want to try, but the challenge is to find healthy recipes that don't require dozens of ingredients that I don't have and Chuck could never find. Oh, and they also have to be quick and easy . . .

Well back to the list. Have a great Saturday everyone!

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It was a beautiful day here today after buckets of rain yesterday. When I say buckets I am not kidding, I woke up to my backyard flooded and a Mallard pair swimming around in the "new pond" !

My brother came for a visit last night until this afternoon. I was wonderful to see him, he lives about 5 hours away, but we usually only see him once a year at Christmas. I must be really sick if the family is descending!! We just sat and talked until about 11:00 and were up by 7 talking some more, Then my sister and her husband stopped by for lunch, it was a wonderful day. I find that with the new radiation and drugs, I desperately need a nap by three, so I laid down as soon as everyone left and slept soundly until the phone rang at 6:30! Unfortunately, 3-6 is prime beach time, so I am going to have to work out a new schedule!

Diane, shopping is an issue here too! My husband always messes up something, changes the order more to his liking, etc. Just now I did my first "peapod" order. The grocery store here has an online shopping app. I went on, chose what I wanted and picked a delivery time and VOILA, tomorrow between 3-5 my groceries will show up, I will let you know how it goes! people tell me they do a very good job and even give you the "first pick" of fruits and veggies. I did push the wrong button and lost my whole order half way through and had to start over, which was frustrating, but it will be nice to have some food in the house as my husband only buys one meal at a time.

I am so glad the graduation went well, parking and wheelchair all worked out? And yes, they do preschool graduations, kindergarten graduations and middle school graduations now, it has gotten a bit crazy! But I do agree, Kids do seem a lot more mature and "able" than we did at the same age!

I loved the end of the school year the best, even though the kids were home, life was less hectic without the homework and sports and all. Of course I didn't work during the summer either, so maybe that is not fair of me to say!

be well everyone - peace


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