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Our weather has just been phenomenal. Still in the 70s and sunny, but everyone I meet is suffering horribly with allergies – even people who have never had them before. Not sure what is going on there, but hopefully it won’t stick around too long.

Eric – nice to see you pop in. I enjoy reading about your busy schedule. I suppose Dr. West’s plastic shopping bag would have worked out ok as a rain hat :) I am sorry that you and Sally are going through this, but I know that whatever you do will be for the best. Sometimes when people we care about can’t or won’t help themselves, all you can do is take a step back and try to get on with life. Having your daughter is a blessing.

Things went well at the eye doctors. I’m blind, but otherwise my eyes are perfect! Soon I will have new distance glasses so I will be able to drive with both eyes open, much to the benefit of the unsuspecting public on the road with me. I am having lunch today with my mother’s best friend, who is almost 90. She cannot get into my car because it sits too high, so we have to take hers and she lets no one drive her car but her. Scares me to death!! She has two children, but both seem oblivious to their mother’s driving – or too afraid of her to say anything more likely. I am seriously considering reporting her to the DMV. I've checked, and you simply fill out a form and send it in and they will make her come in for a driving test. I’m dreading it because they won’t guarantee anonymity. They said they don’t volunteer the information, but if she asks who reported her they will tell her. She will never forgive me – but on the other hand, if she runs over some poor kid on the way to school I would never forgive myself. I am just really angry that her kids refuse to step up and be responsible, leaving it in my lap.

Michelle – what is happening in your neck of the woods? Janet, I hope the sun comes out today so you can enjoy the beach. Katie – how is summer break going?

Happy hump day everybody!

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