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Tuesday's air


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Cloudy and in the 70s here. Should help with the allergies I would think, but mine are worse than ever. I am grateful we (Lily and I) don't have to suffer with the humidity here Katie - but growing up on the east coast - not to mention living in Florida where even I mildewed - I don't think anyone can ever forget how miserable that can be.

Sorry I haven't been around much. My youngest son and his wife have decided to split up (at least temporarily) so he has moved in with us for the moment, and had all of his kids here for the weekend (8 months to 3 yrs). He thinks she is having a mid-life crisis because she is turning 30 next week. Really - 30??? That has just sort of taken up all the spare time I had. A lot of chaos and drama - not to mention my house is not child proof, so I'm working on that. Hopefully things will be back to some kind of normal soon and in the meantime I will do my best to be here.

I hope the sun is shining for everyone.


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