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Thursday's air


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Janet are you lurking? Starting to get worried because we haven't seen you here for a few days. I hope you are doing alright.

Come on people you can't all be that busy. I have to run for now busy day today and tomorrow with the party. Will tell about it in a few days.

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Hi everyone. Yes, Lillian, I am here and lurking, I am just so tired all the time that by the time I read the posts, I am too tired to type in my thoughts!

Today was my last radiation treatment!! I got to ring the gong, big excitement. My hair is pretty much all gone, just little ugly wisps here and there. (Kind of a bum, because I just had it cut and highlighted!) They say the fatigue could last up to a month, by which time I hope to be on some sort of treatment, so I am not sure how much I will be enjoying this summer! The weather is perfect today, high 80s, blue sky, warm breeze - a perfect beach day, but I don't think I can get there and back by myself so I will have to lie on the deck and pretend I am there! Luckily I live close enough that I can hear the kids playing in the water, and smell the salty air. Tonight we will celebrate with lobster rolls!

This weekend I have a wedding to go to in Salem MA which is just north of Boston. Since my 3 kids are all in Boston we plan to spend all day Saturday with them before heading home. It will be exhausting but well worth it!

Eric, I am so sorry to hear about your troubles. I know you went above and beyond to make it work and there comes a point where you have to say enough and take care of yourself. I am hoping that everything works out and you can remain as positive and upbeat as you always seem to be. Diane, likewise, I hope all works out with your son. They are always our babies and we hate to see them hurting, I hope he is doing ok and everything works out for the best.

Lillian, I can't wait to hear all about and to see pictures of your big 50's party! you have worked so hard on it - I hope everyone there appreciates all you do!

I am headed out for a nap on the deck now, maybe when I wake up my husband will bring me to the beach for a little bit. I have to say, he has been wonderful. He went into major denial with this latest news and got really stubborn and kind of bad tempered for a little while, but some amazing friends got together and held a little " intervention" to talk with him gently about what I need from him and he has done a complete 360, turned out there is an amazing caregiver in there, We just had to coax him out! It really helps also that he works a mile from home and it is his company so he has no one to answer to if I need him in the middle of the day - we are blessed that way.

peace everyone - be happy, enjoy the beauty of the day!!


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