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Tuesday's AIR


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Hi you guys, Happy Tuesday. I have been real busy but have followed you here some days. We took a trip out to Seattle to see our niece graduate from Vashon High School. It was great fun and a great reason to finally make that trip to see family. We loved Seattle and walked at least 5 miles each day all over the city. The weather was perfect the whole trip, not what we expected at all. Rain jackets and umbrellas never out of the bag.

Eric, I read your last post and I know you'll do the best thing considering what has been going on all these years. It has to be tough. We've been together here for 41 years and I can't imagine what it is like for you. Accept my best wishes in whatever direction you choose for both of you.

Janet, I think of your smile often and hope you're on a track to success with the new direction in your treatment. Diane, you are very sweet to volunteer and drive people for their treatments. I know what you do, I often thought of driving people too but I don't think my little pickup truck would work out so well. There are so many people who have lost everything to cancer and it's horrible cost. You are so right about many of us being fortunate enough to keep a home. I look around every day and know what my blessings are. I'm sure the folks living at that motel do too in their way.

We've been a little busy with some travel and have only one short trip to Chicago left on our summer plans. We will take a few daytrips around this region to visit some local sights we've put off for so long. We are in a heat wave here. Over 90 for a few days in a row makes a heat wave in Pa. I don't think these old lungs could take Texas or Arizona for long. I will be testing them in Florida in August. I'll bring the albuterol and Advair for sure. :idea:

I was reminded again that I have to stick to the bunny hill and skip the black diamond area. This time it was snorkeling. Stay in calm water. Had to be rescued. Bummer.

I know I don't post here much anymore, but I do read up a few times a week. You guys are all such great people, this group is so important to me in this continuing journey through survivorship. Have a great day and peace to you too.

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Alan and Katie – thanks for opening the air this morning! I don't know how to merge them, but maybe someone who does can? I haven't been around the last week as much as I'd like because with my son and the grandkids here it has been very hectic – I’d forgotten how busy 2 and 3 yr old boys can be! Katie, I am glad you’ll be having your surgery and I can only imagine how relieved you will be to get rid of that pain. Alan, your travels sound fun. I lived in Florida for a very short time, and I think the humidity would be a big problem for breathing - high heat is too. I think Hawaii might be ideal - perhaps I'll move there when I win the lottery :). I loved going to Seattle when I was in the trial there, and miss visiting - and when the weather is nice - it is just BEAUTIFUL!

Our weather has been cool and cloudy – a little rain and seems strange to see people wearing sweaters and jackets again. I guess it’s causing the pear growers some problems. Supposed to be hotter than ever by the weekend – naturally. Hard to believe the 4th is so close. How do you all spend your 4th? I don’t know what we’re going to be doing. Normally we try to go camping, but this year has been so disrupted that we just haven’t made any plans yet. To be honest, staying home and just relaxing on the patio doesn’t sound too bad to me.

I’m back on a high dose of Prednisone again – yuck! So not much sleep but lots of temptations to eat. The thing I hate the most is that it seems like I should be getting so much done, but as ‘wired’ as I am I can’t seem to focus on any one thing so I have half a dozen little jobs started – which as we all know just makes a mess!

Janet – I hope your weekend trip went well and you’ve been able to get in lots of naps on the beach. Lily – let us know how your party went. Must have been great fun. Michelle – what have you been up to lately? How is Sampson doing?

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