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I've updated my signature, showing the new developments. I am still trying to come to terms with its return and starting chemo again. Dr. plans to use the one drug this time for a 3-course to see what changes it might bring before adding the other drug that made me so ill last time. I'm just sad right now, but will get it together before we start again. I have lots to do in order to get ready so will be occupied. :cry:

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I am so sorry to read of this latest "bump" in the road but it sounds as though your doctor has a good plan. It takes time to get back into fighting mode, but you are obviously getting there and you beat this back once and you will do so again! Please keep us posted and come back often even if it is just to vent.

I will be keeping you in my thoughts for great results.

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Thanks for the responses...I don't get on here much. I am halfway through this current course of treatment, and of course still faithful to my supplements and Kangan water. I didn't handle this well this time. I really got the crazies to the point I went in and talked to my nurse and dr that I just couldn't get myself together. That alone they knew was abnormal for me. I finally got that under control, and am working on getting well, one day at a time. On the days I need to, the couch is my friend. I have to be really out of it for me to miss yoga. That has been such a blessing. On good days, I have a big project going for my daughter's Christmas gift. (turning an old wood door into a bench on a door. The glass etching part is now done)

I understand someone wants to offer support...how nice :) Anyone can send me a inbox message, that is fine with me.

Have a wonderful Lord's Day ♥

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