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Good morning and Happy Friday! It's been really nice seeing so many people checking in this week and lots of good news.

More good weather expected - around 75 this weekend. Of course when it got cold I packed away most of my clothes and brought out all the sweaters -- maybe I'll have to go shopping :)

I wish I were one of these people who could have company coming and not worry about how clean the house looks or whether I have everyone's favorite drinks, food etc., and just relax and enjoy the company - but I'm not so am up early to get the last few things done. I am glad to be having company as I have a scan Monday morning and this will make the weekend go fast and keep my mind busy.

Hope your Friday is a good one.

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Good morning Diane and everyone else I have decided to drop in and read to try and catch up. I have gotten myself into so many projects and volunteered for so many things that for a while I had little time to even think of all of the other things that are so dear to me like all of you here.

I was pleased to read of all the good news you have all been posting lately and saddened as always as I see Katie mention so many who have to fight again or the new people she meets almost daily who are just beginning their fight. My heart goes out to them.

I have had many enjoyable experiences lately and some not so pleasant but I keep going. I thought I had made a long post here last night but either I didn't post it right or it was just too long and rambling and someone decided to nix it.

Our weather here is perfect right now. Being half optimist and half pessimist I can't help but wonder what Winter will bring. I see so many who have suffered from the fury of nature this year that it makes me a little weary of what may lie in store for us here.

I spent a great week in the Bay Area with new friends and some that I have gotten reacquainted with from my school years. That has been a truly great experience. Now I have a few projects to finish up while I am home bound with a sore foot. I had a planters wart removed from the bottom of my left foot yesterday. It is still a little painful so I am staying off of it as much as I can. I don't want the complications that came with my last "miner procedure " that had me walking differently to protect the wound and ended up being the cause of my having to use a walker for a few months.

Have a great day everyone. See you around here more often I hope. Lillian

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